Robert Antonyan

Executive Chef

Interested in food from a young age, Robert Antonyan often found himself standing beside the fire during family barbeques to watch the elders cook meat over an open flame. As he got older, that responsibility was passed on to him at most family gatherings.

Antonyan's first taste of the industry came through a kitchen job when he was fifteen years old and worked in a family friend’s small Italian restaurant. He assisted in prepping food, filling and serving drinks, going on deliveries, and even manned the host stand during dinner. This sparked something inside of him and throughout high school he dreamed of becoming a successful chef and restaurant owner.

When Antonyan graduated, he was invited to attend the 2004 Annual American Food & Wine Festival, which was held on the Universal Studios Backlot. This gave him the opportunity to meet some of the greatest chefs of the time, taste incredible food, and sample great wine. It was here, amongst world famous chefs, aristocratic guests, and the cooks who helped make the festival a reality that Antonyan realized this was his calling. Wanting to become a part of this elite group and make his mark on the industry, he enrolled in culinary school six months later.

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in 2006, Antonyan moved to New York for an internship with Celebrity Chef Todd English at his flagship restaurant Olives. In 2007, he was enlisted to help open another one of English’s restaurants, Beso in Hollywood, and moved back to Los Angeles. The next few years were spent opening numerous restaurants in the Los Angeles area, including: Perch in Downtown LA, Delphine in Hollywood, and Wolfgang Puck at the Hotel Bel Air. Antonyan spent three years at The Beverly Hills Hotel until he was offered an opportunity to build a concept from the ground up.

In early 2017, Antonyan visited the space where Plate & Petal now stands while it was still under construction. While there, he began to envision how he could bring the upscale casual experience he wanted to life. Antonyan finally saw his vision come to life in July 2017 when Plate & Petal opened its doors, and hopes that it becomes a flagship eatery in the Glendale area.

Robert Antonyan
Plate & Petal is an upscale, casual restaurant serving California cuisine with an emphasis on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.
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216 North Orange Street
Glendale, CA 91203
p: (818) 484-5077
Monday - Sunday: 8:30 AM - 10 PM


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