ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

The player must then build a base to protect themselves from the dangers of the wilderness. One of the main features of the game is that it is a PC exclusive. ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game. It is a first-person, open world, sandbox game with survival, crafting, building, and online multiplayer. The game features a mix of dinosaurs, as well as a wide range of medieval-style weapons and gear.


In Ark: Survival Evolved, players start off naked and must scavenge nearby areas for supplies. The player must then build a base to protect themselves from the dangers of the wilderness. This includes crafting, hunting, building, and also fighting off predators. The player can also travel around the map, and explore different environments. The player can also tame and ride some of the dinosaurs, which is a unique feature of the game. In ARK: Survival Evolved, players must go about the business of surviving at all costs. In order to do this, they must find food, water, and shelter as quickly as possible. Players may also tame the wild dinosaurs and other animals they encounter on the island, including the many species of mammals. They must also balance their own needs with the needs of their tribe. The more players know about what is on the island, the better they will be able to survive.


Ark: Survival Evolved's graphics are a big part of what keeps players captivated. One of the main features is the day and night cycles. The graphics are realistic, and have a great depth to them.


Players can play Ark: Survival Evolved as a single-player game, but it is more fun to play online. There is a multiplayer mode that allows players to join tribes of up to 50 people, and to form alliances with other tribes. The gameplay of Ark: Survival Evolved is so diverse and customizable, that it never gets old. This is because of how many different modes the game provides. There are also many events, which keep the game from being repetitive.


ARK: Survival Evolved is an open world survival game set in an prehistoric world where the player must fight to survive. The game is set in the year 2020, with an event known as the “Easterbunny apocalypse” caused by the earths magnetic poles changing position. The game has many aspects that will keep the player entertained for hours on end, such as taming, breeding, and raising dinosaurs. The game has many different modes that allow for the player to find the experience that suits them best, with many different variations of survival.


  • The variety in this game keeps it from getting old, and there are many events to keep it fresh
  • The graphics and day and night cycles in this game are realistic and captivating
  • The player can also ride and tame some of the dinosaurs in this game
  • This game is PC exclusive


  • The game is not very user friendly
  • The gameplay can be difficult for new players
  • Some of the in-app purchases in the game can be expensive

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 9

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8