BIOMUTANT is an action RPG that focuses on exploration and discovery. The game has a huge world to explore as well as many enemies to fight. Players can customize their character's skills and abilities by collecting biomites and genes to increase their power.


The graphics of the game are phenomenal. The water, the trees, the environment, and the character models are all excellent and detailed. The game looks like it was made in 2018 instead of 2020. The plants and animals of the world are well made and have many details.

The graphics are stunning, the detail of the world and the enemies is incredible. The game is beautiful and the colors are vibrant.


The gameplay is fairly well-done. The only issue with the gameplay is that the controls are a little clunky. It is difficult to navigate through the menus because they are not always responsive and it is difficult to open chests or interact with objects.

The gameplay of BIOMUTANT is very fun and enjoyable. There are many different things to do in the game, such as exploring the world and fighting enemies. There are many different enemies to fight, each with their own fighting style.

BIOMUTANT is a third-person action RPG, where players are given the freedom to explore the world and complete quests. There are many different enemies to fight, and each has a different set of weaknesses and strengths. However, players will first need to find the right weapon to deal with the enemy. Weapons and other items can be found in the world, or crafted by combining biomites.


The controls are clunky, but they are not impossibly difficult to get the hang of. They are a little awkward but the controls are not a game-breaker. The controls are responsive and there are no problems with them.

The controls in BIOMUTANT are a little difficult to grasp because the button layout is different than most games. The buttons are not always where players are expecting them to be.


The levels are randomized and there are various ways to customize your character, so the game always has new challenges to offer. There are also a lot of lore and secrets to unlock.

BIOMUTANT has great replayability because the game has many different things to do and explore. The story in the game is interesting and there are many different weapons and enemies to fight. Players can replay the game and explore different paths. There are many different endings, and each time they replay the game the player will be able to make different choices.


Biomutant is a fun game with excellent graphics and an intriguing story. The gameplay may not be the smoothest and the controls may be a little clunky, but the game is still a good time.

Overall BIOMUTANT is a fun game, but the gameplay can be a bit complicated.


  • The game is an open world so there is no limit to where you can explore
  • There are many different weapons and skills to use
  • Combat is fun
  • The graphics are nice
  • The game is not too challenging.


  • There isn't much of a story
  • The game is very short
  • It's easy to get lost on the map.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 9