Amex Mobile Review. Let Your Phone Manage Cash

You also get to capitalize on all goodies corporate, small business, and U.S. personal accounts have to offer. Here’s a full review of the finance tool.


The iOS and Android app uses a simple design alongside an attractive user interface that highlights the current balance of the card, recent transactions, and the available credit. Viewing my account statements, making payments and redeeming my rewards is quite straightforward, and you won’t need any guidance. In this category, the app scores a 10/10.

Key Features

Among the most significant uses of this iOS and Google Play app for mobile devices is helping me stay ahead of my spending since I can track all my recent purchases and the timeline for my activities. I can easily view my payment status and pay bills from virtually anywhere while checking my spending power to determine whether my purchases will subsequently be approved. The app also highlights offers from my favorite shopping, traveling and eating locations, and it’ll take me just a few taps to add the offers to my card. I also get a peace of mind due to the real-time notifications that alert me whenever my card is charged, keeping me on top of my daily spending.

Notably, the latest version is more improved, and it allows me to apply to add an individual to my account. Additionally, it comes with bug fixes alongside other minor enhancements. There are no in-app purchases offered by this app. Just update it regularly to enjoy any improvements made.

Another exciting aspect of this Google Android and iOS app is that it’s available on the two OS platforms. The app works with iOS 10.0 and over and runs on devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and is compatible with Android versions depending on the device. On features, the app scores a 10/10.


Thanks to the convenient user interface and the myriad of accessible features, the app turns out to be relatively easy to use. What’s more, for the whole period the app has been on my Android mobile device, I’ve never experienced any lags, and it has never crashed on me. I rate the app’s convenience and performance at 10/10.

Bottom Line

The app has lots of features to offer besides convenience and significant savings opportunities. Notably, it also comes with its weaknesses like any other app. However, all these issues can be fixed with updates. Furthermore, the benefits of having this leading app overshadow the bad side. Overall, it has been helpful, and I can recommend Amex Mobile.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10