Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat Game Review


Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended, physics-based puzzle and exploration game. The player controls the protagonist, Bob, who must move throughout each level, solve puzzles, and collect items to progress to the next area.

Graphics and Sound

The game is set in an industrial building with a light but dark atmosphere. The graphics are simple, and the sound is minimalistic. Human: Fall Flat is presented in a 2.5D art style, with various animations and particle effects used to provide visual interest to the game. The soundtrack is composed of mellow, instrumental music that adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the game.


The gameplay is controlled with the keyboard and mouse. The player can use the mouse to control where Bob is looking and the keyboard to control the direction Bob walks and jumps.

Human: Fall Flat keyboard and mouse control fall Flat’s gameplay The player can use the WASD keys to move, the TAB key to interact with objects, and the mouse to interact with items. The player can use the mouse to look around as well.


In Human: Fall Flat, the player is put in the shoes of the player character, Bob, who is trying to work his way out of an industrial building. The player must solve puzzles and explore the environment to find a way to make him wake up from what seems to be a coma. The puzzles are physics-based and must be solved in a certain way to progress.

The player moves through one of the many levels, using the various objects in the environment to progress through the level. The player can use objects to move objects or create new pathways to access new areas.


The game can be played in short bursts or for longer periods of time. Players can replay the game to try to find the most efficient paths and solutions, as well as to experience the minimalistic but atmospheric atmosphere.

Human: Fall Flat provides a relaxing, meditative experience, with puzzles that are not too difficult to solve. As Bob cannot fall from great heights, there is no risk of death, and the game does not have a time limit.


Human: Fall Flat is a physics-based puzzle game set in an industrial building. Players control Bob to explore the environment and solve puzzles to progress. The game can be played in short bursts or for longer periods of time. Human: Fall Flat is an excellent game for looking for a relaxing, meditative experience. The puzzles are not too challenging, and the physics-based gameplay is incredibly entertaining.


  • The game is free to download
  • The game has a funny storyline that makes it seem realistic
  • The game can make people laugh


  • The game can be frustrating in some levels
  • The game can be hard for some people to use

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 9