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ANZ Australia Review. Track Your Finances

Here’s a full review of the app.


The iOS and Google Play app uses a simple design alongside a functional and attractive user interface. You don't need to type a password since you can log in using a fingerprint. The interface is also quite straightforward, and you can easily find your way around the menu items and features. Additionally, the app’s dynamic type helps decrease or increase the font size on the Account screen.

I grant the design section a 10/10.

Key Features

The thing I find attractive about this app for Android devices and iOS gadgets is how easy it is to manage money. You can pay bills and people on the move using the BPay® and Pay Anyone features. You can also share your account details through email or SMS so that people can easily pay you back. You can check your balance from the Apple Watch or the home screen of iPad.

The iOS and Google Android app also has a Voice ID feature as an additional security measure that allows you to do more while on the move. You don't need to wait for card to arrive in case of a loss since you can add a replacement debit or credit card straight away to Apple Pay.

The latest version of the app allows using credit card mini statement to evaluate where you stand each month. Additionally, with the payment reminder added to the calendar, you are always on track with the due dates. The update also comes with bug fixes as well as optimization for iPhone X. Interestingly, there are no in-app purchases.

The app works with iOS 10.0 and over, while the latter requires Android version 5.0 or later.

The features section deserves a 10/10.


The app brings along a lot of simplicity in handling my finances. First, logging in is quite simple as it only requires a fingerprint. What I find discouraging is the removal of the Pay to Mobile feature that would have added to the convenience. However, I still like the seamless operation since I have never experienced any lags or crashes. The straightforward user interface is also ideal for a finance app.

The convenience section of the leading app deserves a 10/10.

Bottom Line

This app brings with it lots of conveniences that all ANZ Australia customers would not mind enjoying. The myriads of features and capabilities surpass the few setbacks that can be addressed with regular updates.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10