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Offline Maps Review. Save Maps & Use Advanced Location/Tracking Features

If you are always on the road and need to constantly view your maps on your Google Android without the hassle of connecting to the internet and having to load a new map every time, here is the app for you. Now you can save your maps for offline use and utilize advanced tools such as search locations, view coordinates, and GPS tracking.


The APK UI is based on the OSMdroid gray grid background which in my view doesn’t look as clear as Google Maps’ design. Satellite imagery dominates the layout of the app, and I like the general layout of the UI because there isn’t any clutter. The menu and settings are conveniently located on the top right corner of the screen.

Once you’ve selected the map area you want, a pop-up appears to show the loading progress. I’m not the biggest fan of the UI and map overlay as it isn’t the easiest to navigate around. The icons are way too small, and the design isn’t too pleasant.

Interface score: 6/10

Key Features

The Android app offers you more or less the same features that other map apps. However, the ability to get maps for future use makes it a leading and convenient app in my books. Other functionalities include the ability to search locations by name or coordinates, showing marked location names such as parks, tourist attractions, and restaurants, and address searches by street names or house numbers.

The ability to save maps for later makes it an extremely useful app to have on your device. The Google Play app for offline access to maps is free, and there are no in-app purchases.

Features score: 7/10


The app has useful features but the ads are intrusive, and you won’t enjoy using this app when you are online. I would have preferred if the developers created an ad-free version of the app. The design isn’t the most intuitive I have seen for map apps, but it works. The connectivity to the server is also quite fast, and the launch speed is okay. The ‘search by name’ functionality also hasn’t worked on occasion, though with the latest version that I got, the feature works perfectly.

This is an app for all Android devices, but there isn’t an iOS version, so Apple users won’t be able to enjoy this.

User experience score: 6/10

The developers provide regular updates for the app and the APK has had new bug fixes and added zoom ability to level 17/18. The app used to crash frequently but not anymore. The developers have also added a new prompt for ‘nothing found’ instead of ‘search completed’ if your search yields nothing.

The overall accuracy of the app is quite okay, and the GPS functionality works well.

Bottom Line

This is a great tool to have on your Android mobile if you ever need to save your maps for later. The app has a few technical glitches which take away from the user experience, and the frequent ads also didn’t let me enjoy using the app too much. However, it offers quite useful features so I’d recommend that anyone to use it with another map app simultaneously.

Interface 6

Key Features 7

Usability 6

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