BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator Review — Make a New Beginning!

Make choices, get married, be an ideal model citizen or a notorious troublemaker — your decision. Just remember that all actions and decisions have inevitable consequences.

Visuals and Sound

BitLife is the farthest thing from The Sims series or board game adaptations like Game of Life. It's a text-based simulator, in which your choices and life decisions are presented as written sentences. Yes, you'll have to do some reading here, but luckily not too much.

For liven things up, every situational text is illustrated with emojis that express joy, amusement, fear, rage, contemplation and so on. Additionally, there will be pictures, emphasizing certain milestones of your existence: college graduation, marriage, prison term and so forth. The most expressive one is the pic of a grim tombstone with an epitaph, summarizing your in-game avatar's record.


Like any other text game, BitLife is disgustingly easy to manipulate. Select options, actions and phrases with tapping and you're good. Occasionally you'll need to swipe as well, but there's nothing to break down.

Plot and Gameplay

BitLife's core idea is to let you have the full control of your new destiny. And here your free will is almost unlimited.

As a teenager, you can work part-time and get straight A's and B's or run away from your parents to start a death-metal band and adopt a passion for gasoline sniffing. You can enroll in college, get a degree and land a handsome salary afterward. Or become a drug pusher, smuggler, robber and find yourself behind bars eventually. You can be a perfect family person or an incorrigible adulterer.

You write your biography and sculpt your destiny by choosing one option when a bunch of those is offered. It happens whenever a specific life situation occurs. E.g., "Your boyfriend wants to break up with you because you say "hashtag" a lot". In that case, you'll be suggested to beg him to stay, make one last insult or wish him all the best.

Finally, to progress through the game towards its grand finale, you must improve your stats: Smarts, Looks, Health and Happiness.

Is it worth replaying?

Meanwhile, Android version of BitLife is inferior compared to iOS entry, and it's still quite enjoyable. There are various scenarios to try out, habits to adopt and situations to get yourself out. Fully obey your parents, become a bodybuilding monster, break the law, win the lottery... Spending some time on reincarnating in BitLife isn't pointless after all.

Bottom Line

Though not as deep and amusing as The Sims, BitLife - Life Simulator is worth trying. The game has a good sense of humor, interesting plot lines and a myriad of decisions to be taken. Plus it's okay if you fail that life — you can always start anew!


  • Life simulation
  • Humorous vibe
  • Numerous scenarios to sculpt


  • Horrendous logo
  • Character editing bugs
  • A ton of ads
  • No pet adoption
  • Missing content on Android

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 10

Gameplay 7

Lasting Appeal 7