SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer
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SpeedView Review — The Best App For Drivers, Runners, And Hikers

Get a reliable speedometer for Android with the SpeedView app. It syncs with built-in GPS system of your device and displays the indicators of current, maximum and average speed. It will also show you the direction, total distance, and time traveled. You can use it for car driving, running, biking, and hiking with equal success.

Furthermore, SpeedView can be adjusted to manage a unique option. It can warn you in case of an over speed. For this feature, set the speed limits for three types of roads so that sound or visual alert will notify you in case you exceed the limits.


The SpeedView app has a minimalistic design, framed mostly in black color with some white and blue lines and icons. It doesn't distract your attention from driving itself, so the minimalism is right what you need in such apps.

The app interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Whether you are an advanced user or a newbie, understanding the app working principles is a Sunday picnic. 9/10.

Key Features

SpeedView is a useful app when you need to know about such indicators of your motion like speed, distance, and time traveled. However, it has multiple features to offer. By using an in-built linear compass, you will learn your current travel direction, and four cardinal directions as well. The GPS-based speedometer is even more accurate than the ones in a car.

There is a HUD Mode which allows you to use the app hands-free by placing your device in front of you and checking the speed. The speed graph chart for the last minutes is shown in the Speed graph. As we already mentioned, with Speed warning feature, you can get notifying alerts when exceeding the speed.

SpeedView will show you the traveled distance in kilometers, miles, and nautical miles. Your current track can be saved with GPX track export which is supported by Google Earth.

All these tools are going to be your reliable assistants in traveling. 9/10.


The interface in SpeedView divided into three sections. With the first one, you can see your current position. The second shows you the well-designed speedometer.  By clicking on it, you can activate the HUD mode. The final section displays data in the form of a graph on moving time, stopped time, moving average, total distance, total time, etc.

All the extra options can be found in the Settings. There you can select display units, enable speed alarm, enable GPS filtering for better results, modify your speedometer, enable or disable track logging, and more. Since SpeedView has so many options, it may take a while before you can comprehend the use of a lot of these features. 9/10.

Bottom Line

SpeedView is a functional app for drivers of various vehicles, runners, and hikers bringing useful tools for their needs. It provides users with data to measure speed, distance, time, and direction. With an intuitive interface, it becomes easy-to-use so that you can quickly figure out how all the functions work.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 9

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