Discord - Chat for Gamers

Discord - Chat for Gamers

Discord – Chat for Gamers Review: Know What's Trending in the Gaming World

for the most part, gamers. Download Discord – Chat for Gamers for your Android, and you will never miss a thing of what’s going on in the multi-million gaming community.

Interface 8/10

When it comes to the UI and looks, Discord can suit virtually any taste, however persnickety. Its sleek, clean, and minimalist design with lots of customization options appeal to many. The chat boxes and servers are elegantly arranged and easy-to-browse, although navigating various voice channels is not as intuitive and straightforward as one would like. The sound quality is more than decent most of the time.

Key Features 10/10

Since Discord is geared primarily towards MMO enthusiasts, its functionality is very gamer-oriented and includes a variety of excellent online gaming and streaming features to help players from all around the world communicate in real time and coordinate their in-game actions with each other using text and voice chats.

The platform, which has mobile and desktop versions, offers a rich choice of features such as text-based chat parlor, BBS, and VoIP chatting facilities. With its help, gamers can participate in the existing group chats or launch their very own servers, use a voice chat to speak to one another, exchange real-time private messages, locate nearby friends and send out express invitations to those, filter unwanted content, and block unfriendly users.

Usability 9/10

The app is famous for its easy setup, hassle-free invite mechanics, and smooth game integration. Starting to use Discord is no fuss: just log in, add some friends, or invite them with a link, choose a chat server you want to join, and you are good to go. If you are new to using this sort of technology and need some guidance, Discord offers lots of hints and helper text to show the right direction without distracting you.

The Bottom Line

The app is free to download and use and has lots of UI and feature-wise advantages over other voice- and text-chatting software. Its easy setup and navigation, multiple customization options, and the availability of desktop, web-based, and mobile versions make Discord such a popular tool among the gaming community. Download Discord – Chat for Gamers to stay always in touch with your gaming team!


  • The app is free to download and run on various devices
  • Despite its many varied options, the app is still very easy to use
  • Many cool tools for customizing your virtual presence
  • It is free of any annoying ads
  • Push notifications to inform you of new messages
  • Discord takes great care to protect its users’ privacy
  • The software is localized in many languages


  • Adult language and mature topics can often be found here
  • Harassment and trolling are also common
  • No screen-sharing option
  • There are frequent drops in voice clarity

Interface 8

Key Features 10

Usability 9