Full Review of ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

Available for free via Google Play, and the App store here is why this personalized app is a must-have for sports fans.


On the first launch, the app’s interface may be a little confusing. The buttons at the bottom of the screen are not labelled which leaves the user to figure out what exactly these buttons do. Other than this minor issue, the Android mobile and iOS app has a good interface. You can save your favorite team to personalize your news feed. You can also choose the sports you are interested in to make sure your feed focuses on these sports mainly. The honest mark of the interface is 8/10.

Key Features

  • Live scores – get up to date scores for all your games as they continue. You can livestream different shows and games via WatchESPN which also offers a variety of video highlights and replays;
  • Listen to ESPN radio stations live – by simply tapping on the headphones button, one is connected to regional and national ESPN radio station to listen to live commentaries and shows;
  • Built-in podcast player – ESPN produces many podcasts, which are available to all app users on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads;
  • Access to all ESPN TV shows – this is available to any user who has an active cable subscription. Conveniently view all shows via your app;
  • Hand-off capability – available for both iOS and Android apps. Switch your registered devices, from Apple watch and iPhone at your own convenience;
  • Social networks integration – share live scores with your family and friends, converse with them while watching videos without having to exit the app. The features' score is 9/10.


ESPN is relatively easy to use. Other than the initial confusion that comes with the missing button labels, there are few challenges in learning how to use the updated app. There are moments when the on-air schedule differs from the one on the app, but this is understandable because of certain contractual limitations on ESPN’s end. Otherwise, all one needs is a strong internet connection and the App Store for iOS or apk or Google Play for Android. The app scores a 9/10 on usability. No purchases are made within the app. The Google Play app for Android devices simply acts as a buffer, streaming what your cable provider allows. The same is also true for users of the iOS system. As long as the cable and internet connection have been paid for, there are no payments to be made within the app.

Bottom Line

Overall, the latest version of the ESPN app is very useful for sports lovers who may not have the time to sit on the couch and monitor their favorite game. It offers up-to-date news on the go, a feat only achievable due to ESPN’s large network of sports news outlets. The built-in podcast player is a great bonus. Although there are hitches in how it becomes a social tool since it does not have a social feed, the app still does a decent job of immersing whoever gets it into the world of sports. The best part about this app is that you can get it for free!


  • Audio and video content from the Entire ESPN Family of Networks
  • Switching between Apple Watch and iPhone is easy with the Handoff feature.


  • Sometimes the app forces its own choice of sports news even when you have already selected your sport(s)

Interface 8

Key Features 9

Usability 10