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Keep Track of Your Workouts with Runkeeper Review

Runkeeper is another health & fitness app with a decent set of features for everyone – from starters to professional athletes. It helps you keep track of exercise, set goals, and see the progress along the way. And the app can be useful not only for runners but for any other activity such as walking or biking. That’s why I downloaded it in the first place.


I like the modern design of this app, and the interface is clear and intuitive. There is nothing in excess, and I believe that is the kind of styling that all productivity apps should have. At the same time, the interface is quite advanced since the app features many useful functions. So, I rate Runkeeper 10/10 for its design and interface.

Key Features

The feature set is quite similar to that of the other health apps, yet it doesn’t mean the app is bad or useless. Quite the opposite – I believe Runkeeper will come in handy for newcomers and amateurs, for runners and cyclists, for Android and iOS users.

The app lets you set training goals, plan your next workout (with the helpful reminders) and keep track of your progress. It shows current pace, mileage, time, and other stats to analyze your performance. There is also a history feature which shows your previous workouts. I believe keeping track of your training is extremely important, so any self-respecting health app should have such feature.

Runkeeper helps you discover and save new routes with GPS to make your workout less routine. And audio cues relaying your pace, time, and distance are pretty motivating as well. There is a stopwatch mode that I prefer to use when training indoors.

To keep yourself motivated, you can create and join challenges, get exercise rewards, and share your achievements via social media like Facebook and Twitter. There is also a leaderboard where you can see your friends’ progress. This can be very motivating, too!

The premium version of the app lets you get a workout schedule tailored just to you, analyze your exercises and share your location with family and friends when running. These are definitely helpful features that can improve your performance, yet I believe the training process can be just as good with the free version.

As I mentioned before, you can download Runkeeper on both Android and iOS. It also works on Apple Watch which is reasonable for a health app like this.

I would give this app a solid 9 for its features.


In my experience, Runkeeper has worked pretty well, and the interface is easy to navigate. Of course, commercials may be annoying yet I’m used to seeing them on free apps. The more serious shortcoming is that the app sometimes can be inaccurate in measuring distance or have a different route in the GPS compared with my actual route.

I guess such bugs and crashes are inevitable, so I don’t want to judge Runkeeper too hard. Yet I rate it 6/10 for convenience and performance.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Runkeeper is a decent fitness app for everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy. It helps you to keep track of your workouts, be in touch with friends, and stay motivated which is extremely important when it comes to sports. Despite its minor cons, I would recommend this app for all of you exercisers out there.

Interface 10

Key Features 9

Usability 6

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