Google Assistant

Google Assistant App Review: Get the Most Out of Your Day

It simplifies the launch of the program allowing you to get the most of this irreplaceable virtual helper.

Interface 8/10

At the bottom of the screen there’s a microphone, which you can tap whenever you’re ready to start speaking and just say “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” and it will begin listening. When jumping to the main screen, which looks like a messenger, you can scroll back up and see your previous searches and interact with the results. In the top of the screen, there is a button that lets you access the menu where you can see all the things that virtual assistant can help you with.

Key Features 9/10

When you encounter Google Assistant for the first time, you get truly amazed by the number of skills that the app has. Google’s knowledge base and search function create impressive results in the form of the virtual assistant, which is available on the majority of the mobile devices.

After you pronounce wake words "OK Google" or "Hey, Google", Google Assistant will be able to do for you anything that’s included in the following list:

  • Make calls and send text messages;

  • Access information in your calendar, set up reminders, run timers, and control calendar events;

  • Take selfies;

  • Play music;

  • Show maps and navigate places;

  • Provide current weather information;

  • Give you updates on the latest news;

  • Voice your notifications to you;

  • Add items to your shopping list;

  • Assist with written and spoken translations;

  • Open various apps on your phone;

  • Make appointments;

  • Wake you up;

  • Set a kitchen timer;

  • Find information online.

The list is far from exhaustive but what we like is that Google Assistant understands the context and reacts in a smart and informed way. At times, it seems that the program knows you better than anyone else. Google recognizes voice profiles of different people and it adjusts its functioning accordingly. Asking for multiple things at the same time is also not a problem for the app. Its Continued Conversation feature is very convenient and it means that you don’t have to say wake words to follow up your requests.

You can use Google Assistant when the phone is locked and you may adjust settings to let the program unlock the phone for you so that you don’t use PIN or fingerprint method. If you need suggestions of where to eat, what hotel to book, or where you can find the best deal for a vacation, all this information Google Assistant can provide in a matter of seconds.

Usability 8/10

It’s so simple to use Google Assistant that you might notice that you get addicted to it and become kind of lazy. Obviously, the idea behind the program is to make everyday life simpler and a user’s performance more efficient. There are many functions that the app can do so it will take some time until you discover all that Google Assistant is capable of. Overall, it’s very user-friendly and can really make life easier. 

Bottom Line

From making appointments and setting your kitchen timer to entertaining you by telling jokes, Google Assistant is capable of simplifying the life of anyone by providing a huge amount of useful options. No matter what you ask, it is highly likely that smart Google Assistant with its superpowers will be able to help you out anytime.

Interface 8

Key Features 9

Usability 8