YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids Review: It’s All About Kid-Friendly Content

However, your child could easily stumble on some adult content while browsing YouTube, so it is a good idea to only let them use YouTube through the special YouTube Kids app.

Interface 10/10

The interface was specifically designed for children, so it looks like a very simplified and somewhat cartoonized version of the regular app’s interface. The YouTube Kids interface uses easily recognizable icons to symbolize different content categories, so even the youngest users have no trouble navigating the app. As a parent, you should find the settings section very accessible, so you can customize settings like watching time limit.

Key Features 7/10

YouTube Kids doesn’t need to have any groundbreaking features because kids mostly don’t care about those. Consequently, the most “magic” happening in the app takes place in the background, where the algorithms constantly crunch data to make sure that only kids-friendly videos are displayed. According to users’ feedbacks, YouTube Kids may actually want to dial it down on the algorithms because they end up filtering out videos that are perfectly suitable for children.

YouTube Kids lets you limit your child’s watching time, which is definitely a welcome feature. You can also create multiple profiles for your kids if they share a device, and set their respective age categories. This will influence their future recommendations on the app. However, some parents have pointed out that their children enjoy content from different age categories. Since there is no way to turn the age category setting off, parents are then forced to find workarounds like using multiple profiles or letting their kids watch regular YouTube.

Usability 7/10

YouTube Kids supports a wide range of devices, including older ones with poor specs. It runs quite smoothly on most of them, which is quite remarkable. However, the algorithms implemented in YouTube Kids can sometimes be too restrictive, limiting the content too much and forcing the viewers to resort to the regular YouTube app. Also, having the option to download the videos would be really helpful for situations like road trips or waiting in lines.

The Bottom Line

If you have a child who loves watching YouTube videos, you need to have this app installed on their device. You can use it to limit their watching time, set their age and preferences, and generally manage their access to content. Even if the app does block some kid-friendly content, you and your child are still better off relying on it to filter the videos that make it to your child’s feed and search results.


  • Child-friendly interface
  • Adult content does get filtered out very efficiently
  • Built-in parental controls


  • Videos can’t be downloaded
  • Limited support for playlists
  • The age range setting doesn’t have to be enforced

Interface 10

Key Features 7

Usability 7