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Android Auto Review. Get a Reliable Car Companion on Your Phone

With the help of one app, you get the safest and easiest way to use a mobile device in the car. Access music playlists, driving maps, and more with Android Auto. It is compatible with any car and all your Android devices.


Android Auto has a modern design and a top-notch interface for the convenience of users. All the functions are listed at the bottom of the screen, so you can with no difficulty navigate through the app. With an intuitive interface, you get access to all app's features, like making and receiving calls, listening to music, switching between apps, and so on. On the home screen, you will find all the information from your Google account. 10/10.

Key Features

The Android Auto app's features are merely indispensable while on the road. Great functions and mechanisms let you get all the benefits from your Android device. Just connect your mobile phone to any car display device, and use Android Auto.

For example, you can answer calls with a single tap. With the same ease, you can switch between listening to your favorite music, news, radio, and audiobooks via the app.

You can send text messages without typing in any messenger preferred. You can sync it with any auto app to enhance your driving experience as well. 10/10.


Android Auto is exceptionally convenient in use. Using this app, you will soon understand, that it is a reliable and efficient assistant in your car rides.

This app is your inch-perfect solution for utilizing your mobile device and keep a safe drive. Although the app allows utilization of one application at a time, it is a must-have since it is better to concentrate on one action at a time while getting the best of the app. 10/10.

Bottom Line

Android Auto is one of the best smart car apps which provides you with great features and keeping the safety of your driving at the same time. It has a top-notch interface and beautiful design, so it is pleasant and straightforward to use. Listen to your favorite playlists and radio stations, quickly navigate with in-built maps, get the latest news on the selected topic, communicate via messengers, and so on. All you need while driving — in one app.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10