Google Street View

Google Street View Review

hones imagery is now available. Here’s a full review of Google Street View.


I find the interface to be the feature that makes the app easy to use. From my home screen, I can search for any location and also browse through several tabs such as Explore and Collections. The series of tabs include the relevant panoramas that have been uploaded by other users and Google themselves.

The app also allows you to hold your device in either landscape or portrait and swipe around to capture scenes or use the accelerometer. This interface scores a 9/10.

Key Features

Technically, the Google Street view app offers a panoramic 360-degree view from any designated road within my location. Not only does the tool let me shoot photo spheres from my handset, but it also links me to spherical cameras directly, including Theta camera series by Ricoh. In fact, I can explore Google’s own imagery alongside their published photo spheres, and user contributions through a world map of landmarks, business interiors, and landscapes that can be best described as seamless.

Even though I’m using a small screen to view Street View, it’s still quite amazing that I have this kind of power in the palm of my hands. Furthermore, the additional sensors in my Google Android device offer a feature that may not be available on my desktop. The app for all Android devices and Apple gadgets can leverage the sensors in smartphones including gyroscopes and accelerometers.

This segment scores a 9.5.


The user experience of the Google Street View is one of the attributes that make the app stand out. The app offers the fastest way of locating any location, including your house. As you type the address or name of the place you want to locate, the app automatically suggests a location that matches your search. In fact, it makes the location available even before you’re done typing the entire address.

This section scores a 9/10.

I would recommend that you download or update to the latest version of Google Street View to enjoy an array of additional features. The app lets you contribute by shooting Photo Spheres, 360-degree imagery. Notably, I can shoot these photos directly from the app on my Android mobile, or Apple handset. The technologies used are the latest.

Bottom Line

I recommend the Google street view as a great and interesting way getting information on a particular location. However, you should note that the tool requires a significant amount of data for you to pull down all this information. Therefore, if your mobile connection uses a limited data plan, be aware that the lead mapping tool downloads in the background while you scroll around. However, this is beneficial as it offers the latest and up-to-date information.

Google Street View is also ideal for the few out there with a Google Cardboard unit. With the heads-up unit, you can pull a little trick to view Street View on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

Interface 9

Key Features 10

Usability 10