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Google Earth

Google Earth Review: Keep Your Eyes in the Skies

The Google Android app is also available for iPad and iPhone compatible versions. Here’s the full review of this exploration tool.


This is one of the leading features that make Google Earth easy to use even for a first time user. The app’s interface has a new design that is ideal for 3D mapping applications of the new generation. When searching for a particular location, I will use the clickable 2D/3D icon that appears towards the bottom-right side of the screen. This gives a straightforward way for me to view my destinations in different dimensions.

The intuitive interface deserves a score of 9.5.

Key Features

The Google Earth Google Play app for Android and App Store app for iOS is an unprecedented and outstanding navigation tool that curious explorers would find interesting. From the palm of my hand, I can enjoy a satellite view of my home, open terrain, contours at the ocean floor, and famous landmarks – all with astonishing precision and detail. I can also share my screenshots or even submit some of my ground-level pictures on my Google Android device, iPhone, or iPad to be displayed on Google earth.

Furthermore, the tool has a Layers function which allows me to display any information on places of interest, notable businesses, and any other relevant outside sites that include Wikipedia entries. Notably, the app is made more attractive by the Voyager feature. This is a way in which I can explore lots of valuable content on any interesting places.

In this category, the app scores a 9.5.


Google Earth’s intuitive interface is one of the attributes that offer a wonderful user experience. One significant setback on this category, however, is the fact that user privacy has been dramatically altered. The search function is also not as effective as the PC version. Regardless, it is so cool for me to be able to just zero in on my third cousin’s home in the countryside to see the place of birth of my great-grandfather.

On user experience, the app scores an 8.5.

If you need a much different experience and enhanced features, just download free Google Earth latest version on the App Store or Google Play. The new version comes with enhanced functionality and a more interactive user interface. Notably, after updating you can view different locations with the latest 3D renderings.

Bottom Line

Google Earth offers lots of fun information for explorers, but it will go a long way further with a little upgrade on the interface. However, this is not a reason why you shouldn’t try it out, especially the latest version. We recommend Google Earth for any exploration enthusiast who needs an app that would satisfy their curiosity about the planet. The app does a wonderful job of offering users a new generation earth exploration experience alongside a myriad of ways in which they can experience the beautiful planet. Moreover, the updated app is free and runs smoothly on my handset, so why not give it a try?

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 9