Geocaching Review. For The Ultimate Treasure-Hunt

Users all around the world can create geocaches and leave tips for other users to find the hidden treasure.


I like that the app is intuitive and you can easily make your way around the various menu options. The maps are full of vibrant colors. The pictures for the Geocache locations also breath some life for the UI. The text is a bit small so that it seems the app is optimized for tablets and iPads. I give the app a 9/10 for intuitiveness and simplicity.

Key Features

With this app, you can see details of Geocaches around the world, with descriptions, activity, attributes, and hints for places. You can also find directions to the treasure using well-layered maps and get driving directions to your cache.

With GPS, you may locate the nearest Geocaches with continuous updates using Live Search. The social messaging feature lets you communicate with other players about hints, locations, tips, and any changes in Geocache locations. The GeoTour feature allows you to see the different categories of caches. It is possible to search and sort using GC codes, landmarks, neighborhoods and other places. On your maps, you can have different views such as street, satellite, and hybrid.

There are other features offered on the premium app which include enhanced sort and filter tools, you may use lists for your adventures, and award points to the Geocaches you enjoy most. The app is free from both Google Play and App Store, although you need to purchase either a monthly, quarterly or annual premium subscription for $5.99, $9.99 and $30.99 respectively.

For your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’ll need at least iOS 9.0. The compatibility of the app varies with the Android device.

I think the app has pretty cool features that deserve a 9/10.


The thing I disliked most about the app is the need for users to go to the website to make edits to their Geocaches. It works great for finding Geocaches with precise locations. The experience is more overwhelming with the expensive premium subscriptions. The app works better on a tablet or an iPad, and you might experience freezing on smaller devices.

There are more useful features that can be incorporated into the app to make it even more fun to use. However, it still packs a punch when it comes to convenience and ease of use, therefore I’ll rate it at a 9/10.

Bottom Line

The biggest let down of the app currently is the expensive premium subscriptions meaning the geocaches for basic subscribers are too few and simple. The $6 monthly subscription is not justified for an app that has very little limited content being added to it. I’d still recommend it because of the great concept.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 9