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Groupon Review - Shop Deals, Discounts & Coupons. Save Up To 70% With The App

This application will help you to achieve a happening lifestyle. Let yourself live a life you always wanted merely by installing Groupon on your mobile device. This app is meant to save your money and time. Get astonishing deals and coupons while using it for shopping.


Groupon is simple to use. Its design and interface correspond to the app's primary purpose. You can set the needed filters from the numerous available, and thus simplify your search for the right deal. For instance, you can sort arrangements on the basis of actions. Then you will see the offers dividing into lists like Things to Do, Travel, Beauty & Spa, Food & Drink, and so on. You can also sort information by reviews, price, category, distance, etc. The app displays map-based locations or a listing. The score of the design is 10/10.

Key Features

Groupon lets you keep track of advantageous deals in your vicinity. From buying the everyday life products to planning your luxurious weekend - all is possible with Groupon. You can select most affordable deals nearby, or in other cities, you plan to visit. You can look for deals, discounts, and coupons at any location. Groupon considers your preferences by learning the history of your search. It will show you the most interesting for you deals first in the row. Selecting within Goods, Things to Do, Beauty & Spa, you can find the most affordable and appealing deals. You will get all the trending and attractive deals as well. Scout for discounts and offers with Groupon by your side, and save up to 70% on any purchase. 10/10.


Groupon is the app which can help you save time and money with its numerous deals and discounts. Whether you need to find a service or a product, Groupon assists you in this search at any location preferable. The straightforward interface helps you in tracking the most exciting offers. 10/10.

Bottom Line

With Groupon, you can save time and money for purchases and afford the luxurious goods as well. The app lists the best stores, services, and facilities in your town or at other selected location. Travels and holidays, beauty products, and recreational services - all within one app. You don’t need to compromise when you can avail the best with Groupon.


  • You can save up to 70%
  • Search for deals available at your location
  • Reviews for identifying best deals
  • Incorporates everything from lifestyle to daily needs.


  • The app is full of ads
  • Some deals are expired.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10