Helix Jump

Helix Jump Review — Time to Bounce

Its unpretentious gameplay and a simple concept resulted in one of the top Google Play titles with over 100 million downloads. So, it's time to get weightless and bounce!

Visuals and Sound

Helix Jump, like any other bounce game, can be proud of its meticulously constructed physics. The ball, which you must accompany to the end of every level, goes up and down very energetically. And very realistically too. It almost feels like one of those small rubber balls that used to be a smash hit in the early '90s among children.

As the ball hits a solid platform — it splatters paint, leaving juicy, colorful spot. Meanwhile, it may look like a crushed bug, this effect feels pretty satisfying. And whenever the tiny, adventurous balls nose down, you never fail to feel light, ticklish sensation in your stomach. A roller-coaster or trampoline jumping can provide the same feel.

Although not everyone will favor the sound with which the ball hits a platform. The reason: it's something similar to spitting, squashing a beetle and walking in thick wet, mud, all at the same time.


Controls aren't hard to master in Helix: it's all about gliding/tapping etc. But the further you go, the trickier levels become. And this is when you realize that rotation mechanics can be treacherous. Especially with occasional FPS stuttering, to which Helix Jump isn't an alien at all. Specifically towards the end of the game.

Plot and Gameplay

Helix Jump offers no intriguing back-story. Instead you get a nice relaxation for your brain, as you assist a tiny bouncing ball to get to the end of each stage. This can be achieved by rotating the column with platforms attached to it. A ball can sneak through a gap in one of the platforms, or simply wreck it sometimes.

Sounds like no big deal, but in reality, HJ can make you sweat. There will be danger zones and Walls of Death to deflect. The difficulty grows with every level and good reaction and an ability to calculate the situation quickly will be extremely handy. At least there's a little tip to use: every fourth platform can be crashed by the ball. Use it to break through.

Is it worth replaying?

Though the game is simple and totally ignores storytelling, HJ is an addictive thingy. It's perfect for killing another 15 minutes, while you're on the subway or at the airport. You won't lose much if you download it, but remember to deny some of the suspicious permission requirements the game has (like access to your calls).

Bottom Line

Helix Jump will tickle your nerves with its polished bouncy physics and tricky platforms. Simple, but challenging. It will be an ideal companion when you need to pass the time.


  • Simple controls
  • Needs no connectivity
  • Good for time-killing
  • Certain glitches help to progress


  • Frustrating ads
  • Confusing colors
  • Sometimes lags

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8