CBS Sports App - Scores, News, Stats & Watch Live

Full Review of CBS Sports App - Scores, News, Stats & Watch Live

Get this leading tool for your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and Windows mobile. Stream all your games live and get the latest scores and updates.


The app scores a 10/10, with a sleek design that incorporates that feel-good sports rush. You’ll get the following tabs under the main interface: Live, Summary, Tweets, Stats, Preview, and Videos. Watch high-quality commercials, commentary and all the live sports action at your fingertips. The interface allows you to personalize and rank news from your favourite teams which is really awesome. With the ‘Scoreboard’ you can follow up to 8 games at once so that you don’t miss the rush.

Key Features

Scores a 10/10. You will get the same features whether for iOS, Google Android or Windows. The app covers every major franchise you can think of, from the MLB, NFL, NASCAR, NCAA, the PGA tour and all other majors. You can watch live sports directly on your device, and you will also get the latest news, stats, and scores conveniently. Get live access to CBS studio commentary and live stream radio shows like SEC rundown, College Football Rundown, Jim Rome and Bill Reiter. The app allows custom navigation which you can use to rank info and news according to your favourites and what matters most. With Chromecast integration, you can watch the news and live sports on a much larger device for a better viewing experience. You can get alerts directly and in real time for all your favourite matches and teams. Also stay ahead of World Cup 2018 right from your device. The app also has a family sharing feature.


Scores a 9/10. This is an app for all Android devices and is also compatible with iOS (iOS 10.0 or higher) and Windows Phone (Windows 8 or higher) for the latest version. Requirements for the Android app APK varies with the device type. The app is highly adaptable and enjoyable to use. Some of the content is quite old though. It allows easy scrolling through the different sections which makes using it seamlessly. With minimal ads, you’ll thoroughly enjoy using this app. The APK get is free, and you can also get free the iOS and Windows Phone apps. Get the iOS, Windows or Google Play app for CBS Sports and access it easily on all your devices. You will need an active monthly subscription or pay for some of the videos and live streams. 

Bottom Line

CBS sports app is a great app for all those sports enthusiasts and addicts and those who like keeping up to date with news from all their latest teams. If you are into sports betting, this would be a particularly great addition for your phone because you can get real-time updates and you can also check statistics and past game info. The live video streams seem to be glitchy, and only the commercials and past streams play fluidly. With the latest update offering all-round Android, iOS and Windows compatibility, this is an app for everyone, rating at 9/10.


  • Shows available on CBS app a day after airing on television
  • The option of commercial-free streaming
  • Clutter-free interface
  • Offers wholesome entertainment.


  • Requires high-speed internet connection
  • May lack some of your favorite shows
  • Limited usage without availing subscription.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 9