MAPS.ME – Offline Map and Travel Navigation

MAPS.ME – Offline Map and Travel Navigation

MAPS.ME Review – Map with Navigation and Directions

ME – Map with Navigation and Directions is an app that allows you to download maps and access them conveniently while offline. Here is my experience using the app which is also available for free download.


Maps.Me presents a detailed map for every country in a simple interface that is easy to use. Clear and legible fonts make the app a helpful tool for users of all ages. The app for all Android and iOS devices has a neat background that enhances the overall green theme. The unicolor background makes each map clearly visible without any distractions that might make it appear too crowded. Navigating through the latest version of the app is also relatively easy as all sections are indicated in the menu. 8/10.

Key Features

iPhone, iPad and Android mobile users are able to find maps for their location without an internet connection. The app, which is downloadable from App store for iOS devices, apk and Google Play for Android is the best alternative to Google Maps especially for users who might not always have an internet connection. Once a map is downloaded, it can be opened offline in order for a user to get directions. The types of directions offered include points of interest, places missing from standard maps such as hiking trails. The leading app also offers a choice between driving, cycling and walking navigation. A user can also bookmark specific locations on the app so that they can easily find their way instead of navigating each time afresh. Unclear directions can be dealt with by routing and zooming in to get accurate directions on both the iOS and Android app. 9/10.


Most users love this app because it has no ads and zero in-app purchases. It offers a smooth experience without the annoying interruptions ads cause in most apps. The only downside is that the latest update still does not allow a user to share his map across various devices. This means that users with the latest maps cannot easily share them with friends and family. Other than that, the app overs convenience for users who are able to access maps on the go without an internet connection.

The app is updated on all platforms. Downloading the Google play app for Android and the App Store app for iOS offers users a handy tool which has all the recent locations easily identifiable on the maps. All app versions, including those accessed via apk download, are updated daily by OpenStreetMap contributors. 7/10.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend this app. There is no better offline alternative to the traditional Google Map. One of the best advantages of this app is that there are millions of OpenStreetMap contributors who make daily changes and updates to improve the visibility of certain locations on the map. With the option to add bookmarks, getting lost should never be an issue for travelers who choose to download Maps.Me. Although the app should allow users to share maps to different devices without having to export them to other apps first, there is still much value in an app that makes traveling so easy.

Interface 8

Key Features 9

Usability 7