Misfit Review. Beautiful Design, Sophomore Features

Though it doesn’t pack the numerous features that other more sophisticated trackers do, its simplicity coupled with the fact that Misfit watches look great makes this app a must-have for fitness enthusiasts.


The design is beautiful, and this is one of the most fluid UIs I’ve ever come across. Everything is well-contrasted at the bottom for your various activities such as Walk, Run, Swim and Cycle, and the time is displayed beneath the tile icons in the red display. The large circular display for your activity level works well to boost the design. The app packs a really compact and intuitive design and everything is presented clearly, so I’ll rate it at a 10/10.

Key Features

Misfit provides you with three main features to track, i.e., Sleep, Activity, and Weight. In Activity, you can log details for walking, running, swimming or cycling. You’ll be able to view detailed data on all activities, with total information on sleeping hours, calories burned, distances traveled. Moreover, a lifetime profile of all your activities provides you the information on total miles walked and average sleep.

I am using the app to log each of my activities individually and also compare myself to other friends on my social list. I also set points targets which are reflected on the watch I was wearing. The app lets you adjust your profile information and monitor multiple synced Misfit devices. In addition, I discovered that wearing the watch around my ankle vastly improved the accuracy of the recorded results.

I can choose my activity level, whether mild, moderate or intense. For sleep and weight goals, you can manually input these, although the Misfit Flash automatically monitors your sleep. For users who don’t have the watch hardware, they can use the app in standalone mode, obviously with much stripped down capabilities. I’ll rate the features at 9/10.

I haven’t seen any updates other than the regular bug fixes, and the latest version for iOS which supports lap counting for Misfit path. You’ll require at least iOS 9.0 for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and Android 4.3 for Android Mobile.

The app is free to install, but you make in-app purchases such as the Speedo Lap Counting for $9.99.


One major drawback of this app is that it doesn’t let you set your own points goals, only allowing you to hit pre-set points. This means that some of your activities out of the point ranges don’t get converted. The fitness goals are also not customizable. The app works seamlessly though, and connection with the Misfit hardware is great. I’ll give this section an 8/10.

Bottom Line

Misfit seems to be the perfect app for beginners who aren’t looking to crunch the numbers too much. It is perfectly compatible with my ankle watch and has an amazing interface. The app works best for slow counters where the load can be easily recorded. However, for really fast distance coverages, you’ll need to look for something more detailed. I still recommend the app.

Interface 10

Key Features 9

Usability 8