Murphy Drive Rewards

Murphy Drive Rewards review

After you have done that, you will get bonus points. In addition, you can get free snacks, but to do that, you have to monitor the application. Murphy Drive Rewards works only in the USA. You can download Murphy Drive Rewards latest version on iOS and Android devices. For now, more than 500 000 people have downloaded the app on their devices.


The interface of Murphy Drive Rewards is straightforward. You will see all the main features in the main menu. The interface is pretty intuitive. Developers decided to use blue and white colors. You cannot change the interface. The sections are sorted, and the buttons are clearly visible. The animation when you slide sections is nice and smooth.

Key Features

First of all, you are able to see the nearest Murphy Gas stations. Go to the Find Murphy section. The list will appear, where you will be able to see all the Murphy gas stations. You will see the address. In addition, you are able to see the gas prices. There is a small line below each Murphy gas station. The line shows you the prices. You can get reward points by tapping the EARN button. There is also a REV UP button that will give you a random number of reward points. There is a driver deals list. You will see certain products that you can buy and get reward points. The list updates every 20 days. The drive rewards list is a list where you can buy various snacks or drinks by paying with the help of reward points. You can get coffee or water for free. The list updated every 20 days.


Murphy Drive Rewards is a nice app. It does not glitch of freeze. However, to run this app, your Android device has to have an Android 4.4 version and up. Otherwise, you will not be able to download Murphy Drive Rewards. The system works nice, and you can surely buy different snack or drinks with the help of the application. The app provides us with all the promised content. It should be mentioned that Murphy gas stations are in the USA, so you will not be able to download the application if you are from another country. Developers regularly update Murphy Drive Rewards. The last update was on the 23rd of May. Developers fixed some bugs and improved the Murphy location display.

The Bottom Line

Murphy Drive Reward is a nice application that will help you to save some money. With its help, you can get free snacks or drinks. It should be mentioned that you are able to see the nearest Murphy gas stations, and check the price of the gas on each gas station. The application works nice. The interface is simple, so it should not be hard to use the app. We recommend you to download Murphy Drive Reward app. We hope that this Murphy Drive Reward review was helpful.

Interface 10

Key Features 9

Usability 7