Tube Map - TfL London Underground route planner

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Tube Map Review. Number One Features All the Way

This award-winning app from the London underground has lost some of its luster due to recent updates which have made the app buggy. With its comprehensive listing of all underground tubes in the greater London city, users still have a love for the app.


The design is comprehensive and features really simple icons which are colored against a white background. The appearance of the 2D tubes makes the design unique. Aside from that, there is a succinct menu panel at the bottom which you can use to navigate the app easily. Everything is arranged neatly, and you can easily make your way through the UI. I give the design a 10/10 for seamless innovation.  

Key Features

The app has some useful tools that include the ability to receive notifications on disruptions within the tube, and also be updated on any disruptions within the normal schedules of the individual transit systems. It uses live data from the TfL to populate its searches which means that it can be a bit unreliable sometimes. You can use the app with or without bandwidth.

You’ll get a route planner and will also be able to view all London transit locations close to your position, directly translating to fast route times. I used this app to find things like Wi-Fi hotspots, vending machines and other facilities such as Night Rail and live news feeds from the TfL.

You can get this app for your device, but you’ll need Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0. The app is free to install, but there are in-app purchases such as Tube Exit and First and Last Tube Time costing $2.99 each. I’d rate the app at 9/10 for the features I got to use.


I don’t like the constant ads on the app, which take away from the overall experience. The map layouts are great and let you easily see where you are going, but the ETAs are not that accurate. I also experienced a bit of crashing with this app. It seems like the app was optimized for a landscape mode or larger screens because some of the maps appear smaller which obscures them. This may turn some users off. I give the performance a 7/10.

Bottom Line

Tube Map is a great app which has been run down by constant crashes and lacks other important features that normal modern transit systems have. It should also incorporate the overhead rail network, although this might also depend on the different transit operators. This is a really useful app, but more should be done to improve the experience.

Interface 10

Key Features 9

Usability 7

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