Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal Review. Great Calorie Management  

However, my story has changed ever since I installed this iOS and Android app on my device. Here’s my review of the application.


The design is among the most attractive features of MyFitnessPal. The App Store and Google Play app for fitness management has a simple user interface that makes it easy to access the database of different kinds of foods. I also find it responsive with eye-catching imagery, attributes that are ideal for this app genre. Moreover, the app’s UI is straightforward with everything laid out clearly from the login phase to the last bit of every menu item. I would give the app a solid 9/10 for its design.

Key Features

I get to enjoy lots of features with this app. First, MyFitnessPal comes as an app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets. The Android mobile compatibility varies with the device. As to iDevices, the app works with iOS 10.0 and above, including iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. The app makes it easy and fast for me to track food. Notably, it has a food database with over 6 million delicacies. It also has a barcode scanner for logging foods, which recognizes over four million barcodes. I like the restaurant logging where I’m able to log menu items fast from any of my favorite restaurants. The latest version comes with several enhancements that ensure you enjoy a happy tracking. These include bug fixes, improved reliability, and performance updates. The app deserves a solid 9/10 rating for its stellar features and compatibility.


Another noticeable element of this app is its excellent performance that significantly contributes to its convenience. Notably, the iOS and Google Android app has seamless synchronization with other devices, and you will hardly notice any lags. It can also be integrated with Google Assistant and record all the meals taken. The top-notch performance and excellent convenience get a score of 9/10.

Bottom Line

MyFitnessPal is among the best apps I have used in a long time. With it, you can cut off expenses incurred when paying nutritionists or trainers to aid the weight loss course. It is possible to get access to over six million recipes and 350-plus exercises at the touch of a button. With all this information, you would expect a buggy application with lots of lag. However, the nutrition tool has none of that. I would recommend the leading app today to anyone with weight loss goals or a desire to consume a healthy diet regularly while staying in shape.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 9