NASCAR MOBILE Review. Get the Race Right on Your Phone

a host of other premium tools for all NASCAR fans and lovers.


The UI design on both iOS and Android app is pleasant, and all the tabs and icons are well laid out. On the main dashboard, you will see driver stats for your various driver selections. There is also a timeline and a Top Ten tab. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see multiple options such as Leaderboard, Drive, Crew Chief, and Highlights. The overall design of the UI is quite intuitive and nice to look at and navigate through, though the experience is better on a tab.

I give the UI a rating of 9/10.

Key Features

Both iOS and Android mobile apps have free features and premium Live features that need a subscription. The free version gets you a leaderboard for Live Race, Qualifying, and Practice. You’ll also be able to access various driver cameras for Monster Energy.

Other key features include video highlights, exclusive news content, race schedules, and standings, customizable alerts and notifications.

The Premium Live features offer customized leaderboards for all your favorite drivers, live driver audio, and real-time data for drivers including RPM, throttle, and fuel consumption. Premium also lets you see GPS driver positions and track position for the top 10 drivers.

With new updates, you’ll be able to mute driver audio and also get data for driver lag times vis-à-vis other drivers.

This is an app for all Android devices and runs on Android 4.4 or higher. iPhones and iPads require iOS 9.0 or later. You may get the APK on secure APK sites. The Features rate at a 9/10.


Navigating through the UI is easy, and all the dashboards and tabs are well placed. The app doesn’t freeze as much with the latest version. The car audio lags behind the real broadcast audio, so it takes away from the experience. The app works best in landscape mode, and the UI will be a bit cluttered if your phone has a small screen.

The leaderboard sometimes gets jammed but this I fixed with an install. Though the app has its glitches, I still think it is the leading NASCAR app and rate Usability at a 9/10.

Both the iOS and APK are free to get. However, there are in-app purchases for monthly subscriptions and season subscriptions, ranging from $3.99 to $29.99. I personally think it is worth trying out the app for a few months before settling on a full subscription.

The Bottom Line

The premium subscription for this app offers great features that any NASCAR fan will be happy to have on their iOS or Google Android device. The Google play app for NASCAR Mobile plays better on a larger tab in landscape mode and shifting the view on smaller devices is quite cumbersome. There are minor glitches which I experienced, but I enjoyed using the app, and I’d recommend the app to anyone.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 9