Netflix Review

and as easy a player as can be. Download Netflix app and watch all its videos online or from cache!

Interface 10/10

The Netflix app looks like a long virtual shelf with movies and shows as long as you can swipe. Just tap on a title to learn more about it. You can watch trailers and teasers, read reviews, learn the cast, and after watching it you can rate it with the finger up or down.

When it comes to video playback, it’s just a regular player with all those default features like controls appearing on tap. When the bandwidth is decent, it doesn’t matter whether you’re streaming video from its servers or playing a cached one.

Key Features 10/10

Netflix is more than an app for watching movies and shows online. It’s a provider and producer at the same time, the company that risks and places bets on creativity, so its movies and shows are as fresh as Hollywood can’t even get close.

But it offers both movies by other studios and its own. You can find famous titles of the past years in Movies sections; the freshest ones get there some time after its cinema release. As for TV shows, Netflix publishes whole seasons, so it’s easier to schedule them or watch several episodes at once.

If the movie or the show is available in multiple languages or with subtitles, you can select both audio track and subtitles; and yes, they may be in different languages for the same video. It’s a great feature for mastering foreign living speak.

You can also cache movies or show episodes for watching later while offline, say, on a plane. It’s already provided by any subscription plan, the only limitation being free memory of your device.

Netflix also brings the most innovative ways of interaction. For example, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch lets the watcher select the way the characters act, and Love, Death, and Robots series appear in random order.

It offers diverse subscription plans. For $7.99 you get access from one device, for one screen, with standard quality. For $9.99 you can enjoy HD videos on two screens simultaneously, and for $11.99 the quality can be raised to Ultra HD, and four screens immediately can cover needs of an entire family. New members have a month to try any plan and then subscribe if they wish.

Usability 10/10

The app offers a decent built-in player that’s as easily controlled as any standalone player app. It’s quick to fetch video (though it depends on your bandwidth). The quality depends on your plan, but the better your connection gets, the better is the quality.

The app is available for most platforms, including Smart TV and TV boxes, so you can select movies or show while going home and schedule them, and then easily access them from your large screen.

Bottom Line

Netflix is the ultimate portable cinema theater. Equally good on phones and tablets, it can even make you review your attitude towards watching videos on a smartphone.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10