BTN2Go Review

clients. With this app, you can bring along the Big Ten Network wherever you go, whenever you want. Here’s the review of the app.


One thing I find attractive about the BTN2Go user interface is its simple, straightforward, and user-personalized outline that even a first time user would find to be familiar. Additionally, the app uses simple colors and a clear framework. All the featured content can be showcased upon opening, and the Watch Now button is available for those who want to watch live games. You can access the Big Ten Network’s 24/7 live feed via the BTN Live section of the iOS or Android app.

The intriguing interface scores a 9.

Key Features

One of the most attractive features of the BTN2Go App Store for iOS and Google Play app for Android and is that all the live game feeds come out clean, and the video player has several tools of sharing to social media. What’s more, there are some live games which offer an extra Twitter integration. This helps me choose the team that I am rooting for then post it on twitter and read tweets within the live stream setup.

Despite the single advertisement that appears before the roll, you can watch all the replays for full-length games without interruptions from commercials while enjoying similar sharing tools to social media. By picking a particular school within the Google Android and App store app, I will have access to a great deal of content such as interviews and insider reviews for teams via my iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

The features section deserves a 9 in this category.


Regardless of whether you are a first time user or a regular user of the BTN2Go, you can be sure of exciting user experience. This can also be enhanced by updating to the latest version of the Android mobile and iOS app. Notably, I can easily acquire the app as a free download.  

While you can download the app for free, you will need to go further and make the in-app purchases. Mostly it is monthly subscriptions. This is one of the things that discourages game lovers from games, as most prefer entirely free applications. However, the in-app purchases come with numerous features that would offer you value for your money. On usability, the app scores a 10.

The Bottom Line

What I find impressive about BTN2Go is that it uses simple yet effective video features. The Twitter and Facebook sharing tool in live and archived videos offer a standout social experience. One setback about the app is the confusing error messages displayed for games that are unavailable. However, you can still enjoy live viewing for a majority of Big Ten Conference matchups. It also requires a little bit of advertising cleanup as well as the better categorization of all archived videos. Furthermore, adding some more urgency and updating focus on highlight offering also needs some improvement. All in all, the app scores a 9.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 10