UFC App Review. Never Miss a Fight!

UFC Fight Pass lets you access exclusive Fight Pass events, and with this app, you will also access to the world’s biggest fight library.


The UI on both App Store and Google Play app for UFC is pleasant and offers you a variety of screens and tabs that you can easily navigate through the various options offered. The main tab is on the top of the screen with options for Fight Library, Collections, Features and Shows and Fight Pass among other options. You’ll also be able to view large HD pictures and profiles of the fighters with A-Z lists of their names, Weight Class, and Rankings. The UFC Fight Pass screen brings you into various playback options. All the tools on the app are tiled adequately, and it is easy to swipe, tap or navigate through all the various options. The UI rates at a 9/10 for me.

Key Features

The iOS and APK gives you various features such as scheduling of upcoming events using browse cards, pay-per-view matches, setting broadcast reminders and buying UFC tickets.

You’ll get news and fight updates from all your favorite wrestlers right on your iPhone, iPad or Google Android device. On UFC Fight Pass, you have access to the world’s largest fight library, and you’ll be able to watch Live Streams of UFC Fights and other promotions from all around the world.

You can purchase your UFC tickets right on your phone, set fight alerts and access the UFC’s Fantasy Game and vast photo gallery among other cool features.

The app is compatible with both iOS (iOS 9.0 or later) and also an app for all Android devices (Android 4.0 or higher). It also offers Chromecast support. With all these features, I give the app a rating of 9/10.


While the app has great features and a seamless design, it crashes way too often, and this takes away from the overall experience. I don’t like some of the video playback options which are of really poor quality. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the APK and all its updates at some point even after renewing my subscription but still got the same glitches. I have great internet, but the app still buffers. It used to work nicely but I’ve got the latest version, and it’s terrible. I can only give this a 5/10.

Both iOS and Android apps are free. There are in-app purchases for new and past Pay-Per-View events and also for Fight Pass monthly subscriptions, ranging from $9.99 to $99.99. Though you might catch a few highlights and access other features such as the gallery, all the fun lies in the PPV events, and these you have to pay for through in-apps.

The Bottom Line

This used to be the leading app for all my UFC fights, features and highlights, and Fight Pass made all the subscriptions worth it. However, the app has recently become too glitchy, and I don’t enjoy using it anymore. The video quality is poor, and customer service is slow to respond to queries. I’d only recommend the app if the developers could fix all the issues.  

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 5