Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

To play the game, you need to create a Nintendo Account, or, if you have it, just to log in. This release is a third Mario game for mobile devices after Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World. You can download it now on the Google Play and App Store. 


The Mario Kart Tour is made in the cartoon-like style. You can not find here the difficult design patterns or hardly-drawed figures. Everything is very simple. But it is the key! The developers tried to keep similar graphics to the previous game in this series. Mario Kart Tour has two modes: night and day. In the night regime, there are a lot of neon effects and evening animations. All colors are bright and saturated. 

Plot and Gameplay

Mario Kart tour is a sequel to Super Mario Run. In this release, the players have the opportunity to go on a new adventure with Mario and his friends. You can take part in the races around the world in the different cities which were designed from real-life locations. Like in many similar racing games, you need to become a leader and take the first place on the leaderboard. During the journey, a player can collect items and, then, use them to help to master his driving skills. Moreover, the developers added a new mode — Frenzy. Playing this regime, you get an unlimited supply of the defined item. Also, your character becomes invisible. Your task is to get the most because the time of Frenzy mode is very limited in time. 

The game has its reward system: the players earn Grand Stars by every racing or taking part in the competitions. Moreover, you can earn additional badges by completing challenges. Overall, the more scores you have, the higher the position you will have compared to other players from different parts of the world. Please note, that to become the first is not a sufficient condition for the number of challenges. Sometimes, you need another approach to gameplay and strategy. 

Is it worth replaying?

Mario Kart Tour is one of the most anticipated games. For now, you can only pre-register. The full version is planned to be released at the end of September. Mario Kart Tour is an excellent game for all fans of racing genres. The gameplay is simple and intuitive, and the visuals were made in the same style of two previous games. Moreover, it has a decent control mechanism. With just one finger, you can get full control of the vehicle. It is very fun to play with friends and trying to earn the scores as much as possible. 

Bottom Line

Mario Kart Game is a simple and attractive racing game with the rating system. One of the game’s advantage is that it has the leaderboard that adds a more competitive mood. You can download the game on Android and iOS platforms. For now, it is available only by pre-registration. The full version will be released on September 25. The locations used in the game were inspired by real-life cities.


  • - Simple control mechanism
  • - Free to download and install
  • - A worldwide leaderboard.


  • - Simple visuals
  • - Available to play only on iOS and Android devices
  • - Contain ads.

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 10

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 10