TRANSFLO Mobile Review. Send Your Paperwork Faster

Make their work more comfortable by sending verified documents directly. With the swift non-paper delivery, everything will move much faster, and you don’t have to wait too long to get your check.


Design can be estimated high because we get an app with the straightforward and intuitive interface. You will easily navigate through the app. TRANSFLO Mobile has a darkly contrasting blue background, which is the most suitable for users with eye problems. 9/10.

Key Features

TRANSFLO Mobile is meant to simplify the process of delivery for everyone in the value chain. The paper transferring between carriers and brokers, as well as with drivers is going to be much faster. To access the system and upload the documents every one of the mentioned needs an ID.

The document handling process is seamless, letting you move quickly from taking photos to editing them. You can select the document format which you want to send and index. With TRANSFLO Mobile you get 14 days to review your scanned documents from the official site, with a unique confirmation number assigned to your email.

The app also offers you excellent image optimization features such as lightening or darkening your picture handles. You can improve the image quality, crop and deskew it, compress it or even scan multiple documents together. Through the app, you can also get a quality check on your validated image before you send it. 9/10.


The app needs constant updating, and apparently, that causes a great inconvenience for drivers and brokers who heavily depend on it.  Sometimes it asks you to retake a picture because it was out of focus. So the app convenience is not a strong suit of TRANSFLO Mobile. 5/10.

Bottom Line

Though the idea of the app is excellent, it is rather weak in performance. TRANSFLO Mobile needs updating to keep its users and attract the new audience. Providing a useful tool for those who are involved in the delivery value chain, it has significant drawbacks to be recommended.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 5