Pinterest Review: Discover New Ideas and Get Inspired

The application is just what you need for coming up with new ideas and getting inspired. You can download Pinterest for your iOS or Android smartphone and have all your inspirations with you on the go.

Interface 9/10

To start this Pinterest review, let’s talk about the app interface. The main focus of the application is on various images that you can save and share. The rest of the app looks clean, stylish, and sleek. The main background is white so it doesn’t compete with any pictures and you can clearly see everything on it. The additional elements are also neutral – grey and black. The interface of Pinterest is best characterized as minimalistic and you won’t get overwhelmed with unnecessary tabs or menus.

Key Features 9/10

Pinterest is an app that is designed to be a source of inspiration for its users. It is filled with images and a lot of useful information that may be beneficial in your life. You can find everything from fitness tips and DIYs to lifestyle recommendations, fashion tips, and home design ideas. You can easily find whatever you need using a search bar and if you like a certain image, you can pin it to your board. 

It’s easy to organize different images using separate boards for easy access. You can create as many thematic boards as you want, name them, and then continue adding images as you find them. Because the application has such a simple concept, it is easy for you to get into it and start using it. There are already millions of tips, tricks, and images on Pinterest already and new ones appear all the time, so you can certainly spend hours in this application.

Usability 10/10

As was mentioned previously, the app is all about simplicity and convenience. It is one of those universally appealing applications that everyone can find useful at some point in their lives. For instance, if you have a wedding coming up, you can create various boards for dress ideas, interior design, decorations, table set up, and much more. With the help of Pinterest, you can quickly find all the images you need and sometimes even links to places where you can get specific items. The app is certainly straightforward and doesn’t require any experience to start using it. 

The Bottom Line

Pinterest is among the most popular apps out there and it’s not surprising. The application offers you a constant flow of fresh ideas and inspirations that you can save and organize the way you think is convenient. It is a perfect app for when you want to get ready for a special event and you want to have all your ideas in one place. You can download Pinterest whether you have an Android or iOS device and you will surely find it useful.


  • An endless number of images and ideas
  • An easy way to organize your favorites
  • Free for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Simple and clear interface


  • Contains ads
  • Occasional lagging
  • Not compatible with all devices

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 10