Radar Beep - Radar Detector

Radar Beep - Radar Detector

Radar Beep - Radar Detector Review. Say Goodbye to Those Speeding Tickets

in jail! This isn’t your cue to over-speed incessantly though.


I am a big fan of the APK design, and the UI looks good on any Android mobile. The orange theme is lively, and the large icons are quite useful for the design. You get a clear display of your speed at the top of the screen, and you can select your preferred units. On this display you will also see the type of radar incoming and whether it is mobile or not. You can zoom in/out of the maps provided. You will be able to see alerts on the screen, your exact location and you can also customize display settings. The large display will show you pins with the locations of various speed traps.

The APK version has an excellent and intuitive design.

Interface score: 9/10

Key Features

This is a unique Google Play app for detecting speed traps, and it is quite helpful because it actually keeps you out of trouble with law enforcement and saves you cash (think speeding tickets). Once you launch the app, it activates a background process that scans the area for safety cameras and radar positions. The app provides radar control positions for different countries, and each time you load the app, you need to select the appropriate package for your country. This keeps the app quite updated whenever you use it.

GPS marks out your exact position relative to speed traps and cameras around. These will be marked out with large icons, and as you approach an active speed trap, the app will begin to beep, with the intensity growing louder as you approach the trap. The app also shows you the exact type of speed trap, its distance from your position and your current speed.

If your car has a Bluetooth-enabled navigation system, you can connect to the app automatically and can get route-specific alerts from your Google Android.

This Android app is free but offers in-app purchases (ads-free and radar control and position maps for different regions) ranging from $2 to $130.

Features score: 8/10


This tool is data intensive and requires excellent connectivity to the internet. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t offer Google Maps navigation support, and you need an external navigation device. Some of the possible speed-traps and cams are outdated, and you might only get possible locations. The UI is impressive, and I had a pleasant experience with this app.

User experience score: 8/10

The app has constantly updated features, and the latest version has even more radar options for different countries. The app doesn’t have too many crashes, and the freezing that users experience while getting some large maps are also being worked on.

Bottom Line

This is one of the most effective apps I’ve ever used and definitely the leading tool for detecting radar and speed traps. It has a few glitches, but it keeps getting better every time. This is an app for all Android devices but unfortunately doesn’t have an iOS version currently.

I recommend this app any day.

Interface 9

Key Features 8

Usability 8