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Roku App Review: Access All Your Favorite Content Directly from the App, No Additional Hardware Required

This mobile app for Android smartphones is an impressive and robust addition to the entire family of Roku hardware and software products. The Roku app allows you to have more flexibility in handling your home-based Roku devices and enables you to watch your favorite Roku Channel content straight in the app while you are on the go. Download Roku for your Android smartphone, and you’ll never miss out on anything exciting or fun.

Interface 8/10

The app’s design has improved significantly since it first launched years ago, and, even though not exactly breathtaking, it looks clean and easy on the eyes. Roku’s main navigation controls, which feature five different tabs, are conveniently located at the bottom of the main page, making it easier to move within the app. The main page also shows all the installed channels in the form of quick-launch icons. In general, the app’s interface reminds strongly of the regular Roku remote, only better optimized for mobile use.

Key Features 10/10

The app’s functionality is top-notch and meant to satisfy any needs and expectations of the Roku product users. The app provides a convenient mobile platform for watching all the Roku Channel content while on the move.

It can also be used to replace the traditional remote for a Roku TV or a Roku-supported device. The mobile app allows launching channels from within the app, adding or removing channels in your account, giving your Roku TV or Roku device commands via the phone’s mic.

Another neat feature is private listening, which enables users to watch the Roku Channel privately on their smartphone or TV using wired or wireless earphones. With the help of this app, you can move photos and videos that you store on your phone to your Roku device.

Usability 9/10

The Roku mobile app offers the same remote control experience but adds more flexibility to the process. You do not have to log into your Roku account to watch the Roku Channel content on your smartphone or use the app as your alternate remote, but logging in is necessary if you want to add, delete, or purchase any channels. Creating an account with Roku is quick and free, even for those who do not own any Roku hardware.

The Bottom Line

Apart from giving you a wholesome mobile viewing experience, the Roku app for Android smartphones greatly extends and enhances the capabilities of your Roku devices and Roku software. Download Roku from Google Play for no cost and access your favorite content any place, any time.


  • The app users do not need additional Roku-compatible devices to watch their favorite content
  • The app can be used as an extra remote for a Roku device
  • The Roku mobile app offers a convenient keyboard for entering text on your Roku TV


  • The Roku Channel cannot currently boast any original content
  • When used as a remote, the Roku app may have certain connectivity issues
  • The app doesn’t let you control the volume
  • you will still have to use the remote that comes with the Roku hardware

Interface 8

Key Features 10

Usability 9

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