Ryanair - Cheapest Fares

Ryanair - Cheapest Fares

Ryanair - Cheapest Fares Review

With one tap, you will be able to book your trip and avoid fees for check-in at the desk!


The latest version of Ryanair has a new interface. Its homepage is neatly organized, with a smooth access bar for users to make the most of all functionalities. Clear fonts and an attractive background make it a pleasure to use the app. Step-by-step procedures ensure you do not forget to save your boarding pass with a single tap! Ads are discreetly visible at the bottom of the page whenever you use the app. 9/10.

Key Features

Using the app on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile allows you to locate the cheapest flights in Europe by just logging in and specifying your location and destination.

Online check-in – you can check-in while on the move to avoid queuing at the airport. This time-saving tool is essential for most travelers.

Get your mobile boarding pass on the phone – your boarding pass can be delivered to you in one quick click, allowing you to avoid the fees charged for booking at the counter on your day of travel. You will receive a QR code for your boarding pass which you can quickly scan, and you are good to go on your trip.

Ensure comfort on your flight by selecting several additional options via the app for all iOS and Android devices. You can choose a preferred seat, book extra baggage and much more on the iOS and Android app that is quite easy to use! 10/10.


The latest update came with significant improvements. Users can now quickly locate bookings. With one tap, they can pay for the flight, avoiding slow browsers and airport queues. They can also access the e-boarding pass as long as they have made their bookings through the app. The app has never been easier to use; all you require is a bank card and access to the app to book a flight to any location in Europe!

Most features of the App Store and Google Play app for booking are up-to-date. The recent update changed many features, especially the booking functionality which many had complained about. It is now clearly visible on the screen as soon as you input the flight destination. If you prefer getting an apk from a trusted website, keep an eye out for any new versions to ensure the best experience. 9/10.

Bottom Line

There is no better guarantee of cheap flights on the go than the Ryanair app. There’s no need to reach for your laptop and open that browser; just get the app on your device via an apk download, App Store or Google Play for Android and access destinations all over Europe! The app could be much better without the advertisements, but some users may find them handy since they display services useful for traveling. Despite this, the convenience of paying for your boarding pass and checking in through your device makes this app a must-have!

Interface 9

Key Features 10

Usability 9