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SoundCloud - Music & Audio

SoundCloud review

Here you can create various playlists, sort music, and let the special algorithm find music for you. For now, more than 100 million people have downloaded SoundCloud on their devices. You can download SoundCloud latest version on Android and iOS platforms. You can also open it in your Internet browser.


SoundCloud uses a straightforward interface, buy it may seem complicated for you if you started the application for the first time. All the sections are sorted. The text is highlighted and clearly visible. You can go to the song menu by pressing the playing song name that is located at the bottom of your screen.

Key Features

SoundCloud allows you to listen to music for free. You are able to find any song you wish. In addition, you will find many remixes of the original songs. You are also able to set filters in order to hide a certain music genre from your recommendations list.

After you have started the application, you will have to register in the SoundCloud. You can do that with the help of Facebook or Google+ account. You can also type your email address. It should be mentioned that you are able to listen to music only if you have a stable Internet connection.

The first section is the Home section. There you will see the posts of your friends. Usually people post the song they like on their profile page. You can rate the post, comment it or hide. The second section allows you to search for songs. There you can type the song name, enter various hashtags in order to find the songs faster. The third section will show you the recently played tracks, tracks you have liked, and your playlists.


SoundCloud works nice, it does not make your device work slower. SoundCloud provides its users with all the promised content. However, some people report about a large number of advertisement. You will hear ads after every song. This might be irritating. The Android and iOS versions of SoundCloud are the same. The interface and features are not different. The version works properly on both platforms.

The Bottom Line

SoundCloud is an application that allows you to listen to various songs. In addition, you will be able to listen to multiple remixes. You can register in the application in many different ways. The interface is simple, and it will not be hard to use the application. The number of ads may be annoying, but you should remember that the app is free to download. You cannot listen to the songs in offline mode. Users can create playlists, add songs to a favourites list, and share the music with friends. We recommend you to download SoundCloud.

Interface 9

Key Features 8

Usability 9