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Starbucks Review

However, this is not always possible especially on days when I am running late because sometimes there is a really long queue. For this reason, I was so glad when the Starbucks iOS and Android app was launched. Now I can make all my orders before getting to the shop.


One of the reasons I love this app is because it has a fantastic design. The thing I love the most about it is that it has a great color theme with white, brown and green as the main colors which makes it simply beautiful. I also like that all the functions can be easily accessed through a drop-down menu. This makes the app really organized and user-friendly. I would rate this app’s design 10/10.

Key Features

The Starbucks app for all Android devices, iPads, and iPhones is very useful. You can use this app to pay for all your orders when you are in the store. This is more beneficial than paying in cash because you get to earn reward points which you can use later to get free drinks. The app is also useful for ordering ahead. This is one of the main things I love about the app. I used this feature countless times when I did not want to stand in the queue at the store. After making the order, all you have to do is pick your order once you get to the store without getting in line. You can also use this Google Android and iOS app to locate Starbucks stores in your area. This is perfect for days when you are visiting a different state or country. For features, I would rate this app 10/10.


This App Store app for iOS and Google Play app for Android has an amazing performance, and it is very convenient. It never crashes and does not get screen freezes when you are using it. I have never had a problem when using this app. Every time I have tried to make an order, pay for my order or save the songs at Starbucks on my phone, it has worked very well. Therefore, I would rate its performance and convenience 10/10.

Bottom Line

If you enjoy your Starbucks drinks as I do, you should get the Starbucks app. With this app, you will never have to worry about waiting in line for a long period of time. You can simply make your order in advance and make all your payments through the app so that you can earn rewards. The app will also help you gain access to all the songs that are played in Starbucks shops.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10

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