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SunPass Review. Reduced Costs on Florida Tolls

SunPass is a convenient tool for Florida motorists who pay for tolls on roads, turnpike exits, and bridges, providing a 25 cent reduction in toll costs each time it is used. In addition, with the SunPass app, you may save a bit of time by bypassing traffic and going through a SunPass toll station.


The design is simple and intuitive. The UI is uncluttered, and you can view icons on our personal account clearly, and move from page to page easily. Navigation is quite straightforward, and all the menus are responsive, and I’d give the app a 9/10 for its design.

Key Features

Together with a SunPass transponder, it lets you drive through designated SunPass, O-Pass, and O-Pass lanes, with the tolls automatically deducted from your prepaid account. The app itself is free. You might purchase your own Transponder ($19.99) or a SunPass Mini at $4.99, or you can be charged an extra amount for using a transponder at the toll station.

You need to set up a SunPass account if you don’t have one already, with details of your license plate and driver’s license numbers, and a designated credit card. Your account will replenish automatically with a pre-set amount if you have set this as a preference or you can do it manually. A $1.50 fee is charged for cash replenishments at SunPass merchant agents.

Through a combination of audio buzzers and red, green and yellow lights on your dashboard transponder, you can get to know whether a toll station is approaching, or when your prepaid balance is running low. You can also view your transaction activity going back 90 days.

The latest update was meant to improve bug fixes, but it seems it has made the app more unstable. Support for MasterCard has been introduced although I’m yet to use this function. Despite their usefulness, the features are quite glitchy, therefore I’ll give them a rating of 7/10

OS specifications are Android 4.4 or greater for Android mobile and at least iOS 9.3 for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


The major complaint about SunPass is that the Add Funds feature which is literally the most important tool on the app doesn’t work anymore, and in fact, crashes the app. SunPass users have also complained about their transponders being rendered inactive when they move out of Florida zones. You won’t enjoy using this on a small screen device which is ironic because the UI is quite uncluttered. My own experience with the app only warrants a 4/10 for a rating.

Bottom Line

SunPass should be able to afford a decent app with all the tools that the company collects. This is far from a leading app in terms of usability. Out of every 10 reviews, I read while learning more about the app, 8 were negative on the experience. For Florida State users, it might be a necessity to have this app, therefore, recommending it or not may not mean much.

Interface 9

Key Features 7

Usability 4

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