Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Review — Wrath of the Clan

Prove that your clan is a force to reckon with. Prove it to everyone.

Visuals and Sound

With the canonical top-down view, Clash of CLans brings some swashbuckling graphics, animations and physical effects. Battles and raids aren't an abstraction here. On the contrary: you'll have to lead your invasion first-hand, in real time. And the tiny, yet discernible figures of your warriors will obey every command.

As you manage to cast a devastating spell or launch a massive projectile, the screen will lightly shake. It actually does help convey the battle atmosphere along with snazzy laser-like death beams, flying arrows, flashing axes, etc. Acoustically every fight is represented as a symphony of screams, iron clanging and perimortem shrieks — marvelous!


Despite being almost an RTS, CoC doesn't feature micro-control. It relies on AI assistance and what you need to know is that the troops and heroes can have different types of focus. I.e., focus is basically the attack, targeted at a certain unit/structure: walls, towers, etc. So before venturing into your first onslaught, sort out what your fighters will do exactly. As for the rest controlling it’s easy.

Plot and Gameplay

CoC wants you to do one simple thing: build a village, populate it with ruthless brutes and turn them into the biggest clan the history has ever seen. Although it doesn't sound that simple, when you realize that you're sitting on a volcano: there are hundreds of other clans willing to pillage your village!

To avoid this misfortune you need to gather Gold, Elixir, etc. to pay for troops, structures and their upgrades. Apart from barbaric bloodshed, there will be a good deal of management and wise planning involved. Once you have enough money, you can recruit an army: Golems, Bowlers, Witches, Electro Dragons, Archers, etc. Your strategy style will depend on your unit choice a lot. And of course, to lead the horde you'll need a hero!

But before leaving the base, you might want to take care of its defense. Wizard Tower, Cannon, Mortar, Eagle Artillery, Giga Tesla and others will do the trick. And apart from the perimeter defense, you'll need to team up with your friends or just random clans online: diplomacy means a lot in CoC. Sometimes it's the only way to oppose and even destroy generous donators.

Is it worth replaying?

CoC does have problems with pay-to-win approach sometimes. But it doesn't mean you can't survive in its merciless universe. If you have considerable patience, knack for strategizing, wit and a couple of buddies to join forces with — days of enjoyable playing are guaranteed.

Bottom Line

Clash of Clans will make you grind resources, worry for your village, learn diplomacy, improve your raid planning, etc. But the fruit of this labor is sweeter than a fried honeycomb in chocolate. Prepare your hogs!


  • Addictive
  • Demands planning & strategizing
  • A+ audiovisuals
  • Raiding
  • Hog Riders


  • A bit of pay2win
  • No custom badge design
  • Too much automation

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8