Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving

Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving Review — Better Than True Detective?

Step by step unraveling criminal enigma that's been lately boggling mind of the best investigators in Europe. Get your pipe and violin, Holmes — the mystery calls!

Visuals and Sound

Mystery Society is a stunningly gorgeous game. On some devices it may look blurry, but it's the issue caused by the screen resolution. Since the story takes place in Europe, you'll see quiet streets, alleys, bistros and coffee shops. I.e., decorations generously soaked in old Europe's spirit.

The plot follows you through the capitals of Europe: you'll see nicely designed landmarks of the continent. Big Ben in London, Eiffel Tower in Paris, the minarets in Istanbul and more. For example, Italy is represented through a messy workshop of an artist, with a gorgeous view outside the window.

Music in Mystery Society perfectly complements the detective vibe of the game: you'll hear laid-back jazzy tunes with a smooth, velvet-like baselines, sneaky pizzicatos and mystical flutes. Artwork + OST do a nice job at immersing you in the atmosphere of enigma.


Mostly searching for objects requires decent focus of attention and good eye-sight. Other than that, control mechanics rest on the two key pillars: tapping and swapping. Not a brainer at all.

Plot and Gameplay

A group of the best investigators and detectives wants you to join them on the crusade against the crime. This time some awfully valuable artifacts got nicked and hidden in Europe. And your item-finding skills are the only thing that can restore justice. So prepare to search for neatly disguised scissors, coffee grinders, balloons, wreaths, etc.

Sometimes H.O.M.S. does get confusing. Extremely detailed and gaudy visuals do an excellent job at hiding stuff from your eyes. But on the other hand, the game will sharpen your ability to focus attention even better than "Find Waldo" books.

In case you get stuck, there are various helpers to use: magnifying glass, magnet, hints, compass and so on. But they are limited, so you can't overuse their assistance. Some extra-helpers and energy can be bought for real money, but a true detective relies solely upon their deduction skills!

Is it worth replaying?

All in all Mystery Society is capable of giving you from 10 to 15 hours of solid, puzzle-solving fun. Sooner or later you will catch yourself thinking that it'd be nice right now to drop everything and launch it to get a fresh portion of detective action.

Bottom Line

Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving has vivid and beautiful visuals, smooth soundtrack and puzzles with gradually growing difficulty. With all its flaws, it firmly deserves at least a B+.


  • Good graphics
  • Improves deduction skills
  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Free download


  • Energy depletes quickly
  • A lot of IAP's
  • Confusing in the beginning
  • Facebook connection fails sometimes

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 9

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8