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Pedometer App Review – Accurate Step Counting And Battery Saving

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase calorie burn and lose weight. Pedometer apps are always in the top-10 most popular both on App Store and Google Play. This is a first-hand experience with Pedometer app from ITO Technologies, Inc. that is ranked #4 for Android devices. On App Store, you can find this app under the name Pedometer α.


The app interface is so simple that even my grandma would use it right away. It starts in no time and has 3 screens showing your results per day, per week and per month. In the upper right corner, there is a three-dot menu. There you can change the date, share your results in social networks and messengers and go to Settings.

That’s it about the main layout.

In Settings you can select the design – basically, you are to choose a background color or gradient. It would be very nice, if the app let users upload their own background pictures that are more aesthetically appealing or provide better motivation. This is the only reason why my mark is 9/10. In other aspects the design is great. In such kind of apps, it would be difficult to make it messy or hard to understand.

Key Features

What can an ordinary pedometer offer?

You can see the number of steps, the number of calories burnt, distance covered, time spent walking and average speed. In Settings, you can specify your personal data (age, gender, weight and step length) for accurate calorie burn calculation. Step length should be measured very carefully for the app to calculate the distance and the speed. You can choose between kilometers and mile and select the first day of the week.

Quite impressive is that you can adjust the sensitivity in case the steps are not calculated right. There is the auto-start and auto-stop modes – just specify the time you usually wake up and the time you go to sleep. You can switch to one of the battery saving modes or use Sleep mode that will not count a few first steps, but significantly saves the battery life. It contains everything a pedometer should contain in a nice wrapping and nothing else. It would be weird to expect some outstanding features, right? 10/10.


The Pedometer mobile app performance is stable with no bugs or crashes noticed for about 8 days of use. Other Google Play and App Store users say the same. The app is completely free. You need to have at least Android 4.0 and at least iOS 8.0. The app bar at the bottom is unobtrusive. Developers note that there are devices that prevent Pedometer from counting steps when the screen is locked. It cannot be called an app drawback, I guess because it depends on the device functionality. The only drawback is that this app doesn’t synchronize with any weight loss instruments, although it could be very convenient for a weight loss program. Many fitness apps have in-built pedometers, but their accuracy leaves a lot to be desired, so using a separate app is a good idea. All-in-all, my rating is 9/10.

Bottom Line

I recommend Pedometer app for those who are searching for a high-quality and reliable mobile product that will count steps, calculate calories burnt and provide stats on average speed and distance with a weekly and monthly overview. It is straightforward, doesn’t consume too much energy and is free. So give it a try!

Interface 9

Key Features 10

Usability 9

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