White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite Review – Sleep, Work and Relax Better

It creates a perfect environment for any activity and can improve concentration or help relax and fall asleep depending on the sound combo you create. White Noise builds aesthetically attractive sound experience for improving life quality. I’m using this app at the moment, writing this review. Let’s see, how functional it is and how many opportunities it offers.


There are hardly any color and design options that could better match the app specifics. I enjoyed everything: every swipe and tap adds to the beautiful and relaxing experience. Regardless of what kind of activity you are engaged in: trying to get a quick nap throughout the day, want to get concentrated on a task or dream to help your baby fall asleep – this product is enjoyable and effective in all of these cases. Graphics and illustrating sounds within the app are worth mentioning. For people who value visual images, this app is a treasure. You can create your own pictures of sounds and mixes and share them with friends. Marvelous design – I rate it with 10/10.

Key Features

Perfect loops and amazing nature sounds quality – this is what I noticed first. You can mix any of the 40 nature sounds available with the help of a Mix Pad and create a Soundscape dragging sounds. By tapping you can adjust sound volume, speed, pitch, and variance.

Another outstanding feature is creating your own sound library: record enjoyable sound, loop them and make a photo to illustrate. Also, you can select a point on the map, upload the file and share it with your friends and family. Such a nice collection of sense-memories.

You can get new sounds for free and enjoy them whenever you want. My favorite use cases are work, bedtime reading, and SPA. Some people create their perfect sleep environment with the help of a mobile device. White Noise Lite provides a nightstand option with a nice digital clock screen-saver. Brightness control makes it unobtrusive.

The app can be used as an alarm clock with fading audio in a specified period. It really helps waking up easier without irritating. 10/10.


No bugs or crashes. The reviews of other uses from App Store and Google Play say the same. The White Noise Lite performance is stable and reliable. You can get the app for free: it is supported by latest Android and iOS devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch). Full version removes ads, enables background audio, snooze time and additional alarms. In fact, the free version is not overloaded with ads at all. And I want to give it 10 out of 10 in this aspect as well.

Bottom Line

I recommend this app to everyone, because it can be used for various purposes: you can use headphones to get maximum focus in the office, or you may want to block sounds from the street by mechanical white noise when you sleep at a new place. The app is extremely useful, when you have a newborn, suffer from headaches or want to reduce stress.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10