TomTom Speed Cameras

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TomTom Speed Cameras Review. Great Interface & Mapping Tools

Never get a speeding ticket again! The TomTom Android app informs you of oncoming fixed, mobile and traffic light cameras. It packs a brilliant interface and fast, responsive notifications that are implied to keep you one step of the curve with timely alerts.


I’d describe the design of the app as both sleek and smart. The UI is simple but extremely effective. A drive window marks the middle of the main display window, the road speed limit and your own driving speed, marked in white and shifting to red as you go beyond the speed limit. As you approach a known speed camera, a warning will pop up at the top of the window. At the bottom, your distance from the speed cam will be displayed in your preferred units. The background theme is a brilliant dark and glossy color which ensures maximum visibility. The settings are also quite intuitive. The design is excellent, and I think it deserves a full 10/10.

Key Features

TomTom uses a community of online users who upload locations of fixed speed cameras to a Speed Cam monitoring database. Based on satnav, each road from the TomTom maps has a designated speed limit. As you approach a speed cam, either fixed, mobile or traffic light camera, a countdown with distance displayed will begin, and a warning sound will be beeped. Cameras on turnings near your route may also be shown which is important if you decide to change itineraries. You can also report new camera locations by simply pressing a button.

The average speed feature is useful for keeping you within safe speeds in average speed zones. These features are worthy of a 10/10.

The latest version offers a new speedometer view on the UI, and also provides an update on the app stability.

You can get both the iOS and the Google Android apps for free, but to use the app, you’ll need either a $2 monthly trial subscription or a full annual subscription for $23.

The APK compatibility varies with the Android device. The app has been discontinued on the App Store.


I didn’t experience any crashes or unnecessary freezing with this app, therefore I’ll give it a 9/10. Occasionally, you’ll find cams which haven’t been updated or admit incorrect camera locations. This is probably because the app depends on updates from other users, so the information may not be entirely accurate.

Bottom Line

While this app relies heavily on its global community of users for camera locations, the readings are fairly accurate for already fixed camera locations. TomTom has an excellent UI and is definitely one of the best satnav apps for Android. I’d recommend this app but would advise users to try out the one month trial first before paying for the full subscription.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 9

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