Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates

Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates

Moovit Review. Efficiency in ETA Estimation

transit providers. These range from buses, trains, subways, light rail, and metro.


The app is extremely well-designed, from the intuitive UI, the uncluttered feel, the nicely contrasted maps, to colorful notifications and a rotating compass that shows you the exact direction where you are facing. The app could be a bit more intuitive if the developers could optimize some controls, say by letting you report incidences directly with just a single button. The design is great though, and you’ll enjoy using the app. I rate it at a 10/10.

Key Features   

This app for iOS and Google Android offers comprehensive features.

You can get tools for live directions when you are moving and also real arrivals. It is possible to receive updates on the go to know more about delays, traffic, expected disruptions in service times and other emergency alerts. The app uses data from GPS on the transit devices themselves which means that ETA predictions are fairly accurate.  

Together with others in the Moovit community, you can report issues and inform other users near your location about what is going on. The Map View feature lets you view all stations, lines, and routes on the map; you can also get the same in PDF. Add your favorite features and locations using their GPS locations function.

Moovit is essential as a trip planner which helps you optimize the best routes with times. On iOS, you can access a widget for the various app features. I’ll rate the awesome features at a 9/10.

You can get this app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, needing at least iOS 9.0 or later. The APK compatibility varies with the device. Installing this app is free, but you may make in-app purchases for the different city map packs for $0.99.


Looking for locations on the app has proved to be a difficult feature, and most times your searches won’t pull up anything. This is a community reporting app, so the access to new or reliable information is mostly controlled by how frequently users report data. Again, the majority of users for this app are to be found in Europe and the US, therefore, users in other locations may not find it very useful. Moreover, the maps quality is poor on my Android. Generally, it’s a great app, and I like how accurate the ETA prediction is compared to other apps I’ve used. I’ll rate it at a 9/10.

Bottom Line

Overall a great app though I can’t rank it as high Google Maps which is far ahead in terms of comprehensiveness. I think the huge variety of satnav apps on the App Store and Google Play makes this app have a very minimal number of users. I’d still recommend it.

Interface 10

Key Features 9

Usability 9