WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger Review: Stay Connected 24/7 with Quick, Smart, and Comfy Messaging App

rtable, and utterly enjoyable.

Interface 8/10

The interface of WhatsApp feels intuitively simple and well-structured, which makes for comfortable and relaxed interaction with this messaging app even by elderly people who aren’t huge fans of fancy gadgets and cutting-edge tech stuff. The design of the app, which, in its default configuration, heavily relies on the use of white and green colors, is visually appealing and aesthetically minimalistic, but not to the point where it would look downright bare. If you feel like livening it up a bit, feel free to customize the background of your dialog box using an image of your choice.

Key Features 9/10

Unlike many other communication apps out there, whose functionality is only limited to exchanging texts, WhatsApp is promoted as an all-in-one smartphone solution equipped with a plethora of useful and handy features.

Apart from baseline texting, WhatsApp allows you to send and get voice and video calls, exchange multimedia files with your friends and co-workers, arrange a group text chat for up to 256 members, record voice and video files from within the app, access your chat history, and spice up your conversations with the help of vibrant and funny GIFs.  

Another great thing about WhatsApp is the availability of a desktop version and a web-based extension of your account, both of which allow using the application on your computer or tablet as well as on your smartphone. All the texts you send or receive, calls you make, and files that you share are immediately synchronized between all the devices supported, so you will never miss a thing!

Usability 8/10

WhatsApp is a battery-friendly application that does not take too much space on your smartphone. The app does not crash or freeze, and its work is usually smooth and uninterrupted. That said, some users have reported trouble with receiving prompt notifications of new messages.

The Bottom Line

While not without its flaws, WhatsApp Messenger is a solid and very manageable communication tool that continues to delight its users with new features, more flexibility, and utmost care for their privacy. Seeing that this is a completely free-to-use app free of any annoying ads, WhatsApp Messenger is absolutely worth giving a try.


  • Safe real-time sharing of your location, even when on the move
  • Allows placing voice and video calls
  • Sends you prompt notification alerts
  • GIF customization of your texts
  • Provides an encrypted, ads-free environment
  • Shows current message delivery status


  • Voice calling is unavailable in some countries
  • You can’t send files larger than 16 MB for video and 100 MB for docs
  • You can’t contact a person unless you have his/her phone number
  • No Sign-out option

Interface 8

Key Features 9

Usability 8