DreamTrips Review

You can create your bucket list, view photos from previous DreamTrips, share your favorite moments with other travelers.


Being the most conspicuous feature, the interface of the app is clear, familiar, attractive, and responsive. The interface is simple and straightforward that even a first time user would find it easy to navigate through. The travel tool also uses the cool blue color that associates it with nature, and the search functionality is at its best.

In this category, the app scores a 9/10.

Key Features

With the DreamTrips iOS and Android mobile app that is also available in versions supported by the iPhone and iPad, I can explore numerous destinations right from a Google Android or iOS device. I do not have to go through travel guides that may lead to disappointing trips since most are just promotional and sales driven. What’s more, I can also browse through and book my DreamTrips right from the iOS or Android app. I can also stay connected to my downline and connect with my members regardless of my current location.  

The app also comes with these essential features:

  • Support for payment functionality

  • Ability to add a maximum of 20 payment cards

  • Bug fixes

  • Ability to send transaction receipts via email

Notably, the app comes with social media attributes that allow me to create my profile, check out my friend's lists, and add more friends.

With all these attractive features, the app scores a 10/10.


I also like the fact that I can earn my DreamTrips points from the vacations I’ve gone to. The activity feed section is just so amazing, and it offers tips and insights on the different destinations that I should plan my next visit. All my travel and vacation needs have been addressed in this app that is also easy to navigate. Despite all these experiences that are beyond relief, the prices are low, and the booking engine technology is way ahead of the game.

This category scores a 9/10.

I would prefer to update to the latest version with enhanced smart card functionality. With the up-to-date version, you can pay via WiMag’s ‘Hover to Pay’ or Mag-stripe, locate your smart card, disable the default payment card, and set up a new smart card. All these enhanced functionalities are achieved on selected devices.

Bottom Line

I highly appreciate how WorldVentures has managed to transform world travel with this simple and easy to use leading application. The 4.7/5 rating on Google Play store and the 4.5/5 rating on App Store are a justification of the effectiveness of the app’s features. Notably, the app functions really well and has never crashed on me. It’s also free to download and doesn’t require any in-app purchases for any improved functionality or additional features. I recommend the app to all travel enthusiasts out there who would like to have an outstanding vacation experience with a simple and easy to use application. 

Interface 9

Key Features 10

Usability 9