Connect with your match. Meet a loving date. Zoosk

Connect with your match. Meet a loving date. Zoosk

Zoosk Dating App Review: Is It Any Good?

Anyway, I decided to give it a try as I’m currently single and willing to meet new people.


The Zoosk interface is rather easy-to-use. First, you have to choose your body type, height, ethnicity and give some other information about yourself for other people to see. You also get to choose your own sex and the sex of people you want to meet. Then, there are several tabs that feature the search, your profile, contacts, chats, and so on. Overall, the interface is pretty intuitive, so I believe you won’t have any difficulties with it. The overall design and interface of the Zoosk app gets 9/10

Key Features

The Zoosk dating app looks for people nearby for you to chat with them. You get to see other users’ profiles and decide whether you like the person or not. You also can see some information about them such as ethnicity, religion, education, and so on.

User profiles also contain information about relationship history and children which I find especially important. I guess not everyone may be absolutely honest filling in these sections, but it’s on them.

Okay, let’s finally get down to business: we’re here to meet new people, right? You can do this either browsing through users’ profiles or use the Carousel mode where you can click ‘Yes/ No/ Maybe’ based only on user’s photo. In the last case, you can’t see any information about them. Personally, I find the first way more effective if you’re looking for serious relationships, but some of you may also like the Carousel mode.

One more interesting feature is photo verification: you can submit a video selfie to confirm that you look like the uploaded photos. I find this one pretty useful as for me, appearance also matters.

Zoosk app is compatible with all of your devices whether you have iPhone, iPad, iPod or any Android-based smartphone. There is no version for Windows, but I guess you can do without it since there is a whole dating website with the same name and the similar features. No matter whether you prefer meeting new people in front of your computer or using a smartphone for that purpose – Zoosk dating service gives you both these opportunities.

I give Zoosk a solid 9 for its features.


Honestly, my experience with this dating tool wasn’t very exciting. I’m from a small town, so there were no men nearby using the app. Of course, there isn’t the app’s fault, but still, I didn’t get to meet someone in real life.

Also, I was confused when Zoosk offered me to pay money to just chat with someone. I get that dating app may have some paid features like promoting yourself or sending gifts – by the way, Zoosk has these features as well. But I believe that this app should have a little bit more free options to gain users’ interest in the first place. I rate it 6/10 for convenience and performance.

Bottom Line

Overall, Zoosk may be a great dating app for those who are looking for serious relationships and willing to pay to find them. Just keep in mind that your chances to find that special person due to Zoosk are higher if you live in a big city. Otherwise, there may be no one nearby using the app.

Despite the fact that the developers update Zoosk on a regular basis improving its speed and adding new features, this app seems too expensive to me. There are lots of other dating apps out there, so I’m going to try another one.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 6

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