Days Gone

Days Gone

Days Gone

It is a third-person shooter with puzzle and survival horror elements.

The game starts with the main character, Deacon St. John (the player character) waking up from a coma of 5 years. He blacks out and wakes up in the middle of a train wreck. He goes around the train, collecting usable items, and finds a bike. He hops on the bike and makes his way to the highway. Along the way, he runs into enemies and starts fighting them. He is a loner, so he makes his way to the nearest town, which is encountered along the road. He finds a group of people in the town and joins them.


Days Gone gameplay is based on the story of a man named Deacon St. John. This is a story of his life and how he survives in the world where the zombie apocalypse took place. Deacon's main goal is to find his brother and some of his friends that are still alive. It's not going to be easy for Deacon to survive in a world where the virus has spread all over and turned humans into zombies.

The game is set in the year 2127 – you can see some old cars, buildings from the past etc. The main goal of the player in this game is to go around the world and look for resources. Deacon needs to collect fuel and food. You need to craft useful things and weapons.
The storyline is not linear, you can explore the world at your own pace. You can decide whether to search for the missing friends or to look for the supplies. The main goal is to survive in this world. Days Gone is the first game in this series and it's going to be released in 2017.


The graphics in Days Gone is quite nice. The game has a great combination of 3D and 2D. When you go for a walk in the world the game switches to 3D, and you can interact with the objects. The graphics is not the best you can find in the market, but it's good enough for this game.


Days Gone has side missions and it also has a lot of optional content. There are collectibles to find, optional missions to complete, and there are also optional difficulties. I have played through Days Gone on normal and hard. I am not sure if there is easy difficulty. I plan on playing through on hard one more time before I am done with the game. I have only really found one collectible so far, and it was a bear trap. All in all, Days Gone has medium replayability.


Days Gone is a good zombie survival game. If you like this kind of games you will enjoy this game. The story is nice and it's interesting to see how the main character (Deacon) develops. I recommend this game to everyone who likes zombie survival games and zombie apocalypse games.


  • Open world game
  • The graphics are awesome
  • Gameplay is very nice
  • Driving a bike and fighting with enemies is very thrilling.


  • The storyline of the game is not much interesting
  • The game is too much complicated
  • The game is not suitable for kids.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 4

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 3