Destiny Run

Destiny Run

Destiny Run

The basic idea of the game is a real-life problem of choosing a way of life - good or evil. You have to pick one of the sides to become a full-fledged angel or demon. Voodoo released Destiny Run Mobile for iOS and Android platforms. Free download the Destiny Run game from App Store and Google Play. 


The graphics in Destiny Run are not the strongest, but the stylistics of the world and the character you play are polished enough to attract the attention of players. The design of the starting character changes along with the game due to which side you have chosen. The angel looks harmless with light colors on her costume, and the demon looks like a punk rock lover. The simple color palette and shapes of the items give a cartoonish style to the game.


No matter who you were in life, a rich or poor, famous or ordinary student, your main task here is to choose a side and make your path through challenges on the way. After the side choice at the beginning of the game, you can no longer change your mind later, so it is better to decide at once. You will find objects associated with angelic and demonic themes. The player must select only those items that correspond to his choice of character, otherwise, the game will end. Pay attention and be careful, and then everything will work out.

Above the character is a scale that is filled in as the items like spellbooks and tomes are found. To select items, you can move your character across the screen and avoid obstacles that will meet along the way. The controls are very simple, and you can get used to them very quickly.

To save your progress in the game and move to a new level,  you will need to pass through Celestial Gate. There will be two creatures waiting for you, representing the good and evil sides. Depending on your level of success, they’ll decide if you can move on. Also, after passing the level, the number of tokens that you have managed to collect is calculated.


Although the game is not rich in content, players are allowed to start the game again unlimited times. There is always a dynamic in the process, so the game can drag you for a long time. The game is very replayable because users can play the game as long as they want to.


At home and on the walk, at work, and in a cafe, this game can be a great solution to pass the time. Destiny Run is a 3D action mobile game that you can install for your device any time you want. If you are attracted to its theme and gameplay, you can feel free to experience the game yourself.


  • Dynamic gameplay
  • The game is not too demanding on the hardware
  • You can download the game for free.


  • The graphics are not the best
  • Not much content
  • A lot off distracting Ads.

Graphics and Sound 2

Controls 5

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 4